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Recent Frequently Asked Questions

We receive hundreds of inquiries from TypePad bloggers each day, and we wanted to highlight some of the recent frequently asked questions from our community.

Are you having problems uploading images, rearranging content, or publishing a post? If you are using Internet Explorer 9 as your browser, you can resolve all these issues by switching your browser to compatibility mode.

To switch to compatibility mode, click the broken page icon to the right of the browser address bar as shown here:

Internet Explorer 9

Do you wish to connect your TypePad blog to a Facebook Page? FaceBook only allows you to connect to a personal account. You can use the Facebook Notes or other options mentioned in the Knowledge Base. You can add a Facebook Page badge to your blog's sidebar too.

Are you missing a column on your blog or has your column has been displaced? You likely have an error in the code on your blog - either in a post or sidebar module. We have tips for correcting any code errors to restore your blog in our troubleshooting display issues article.

Do you need an invoice for your TypePad Pro subscription fee? At Account > Billing Info, you can review the transaction history for your account and view and print an invoice for each transaction. Additional information is available in the Knowledge Base.

Do you want more information on who is viewing your blog? TypePad makes it easy to take advantage of Google Analytics detailed statistics tool. Just go to Settings > Add-ons for your blog and enter the unique UA number from your Google Analytics account. Once you enter the UA number and click Save Changes, TypePad automatically adds the Google Analytics code to all the pages of your blog for tracking. See the Google Analytics article for more information.

If you need answers to any other questions, you can search the Knowledge Base, submit a question in the GetSatisfaction forum, or submit a help ticket.


That Car Guy

Is there a way for the Preview to look more like the actual publishing image? Mine looks nothing like the final page. Thanks.

That Car Guy

Also, why do we have to go to Preview to engage a hyperlink? Why can't this be done in the Compose mode?


A Twitter User

I've had a bug with my Facebook badge for practically as long as I've had it up. The count that shows up on my page is inconsistent with the actual number of fans on Facebook. I created a developer account on FB just to get it fixed, but they haven't helped. Is there anything you can do on the typepad end?

Kiril Kundurazieff

I want to know if there is a way to empty my list of Trackback Spam.

Over the years, on several of my blogs, thousands of such trash have collected, and I don't have time to kill the little bastards permanently. ;-D

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