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Google +1 For TypePad Blogs

At TypePad, we work hard to make it easy for you to share your blog posts with various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. In addition to these great services, you can now easily add Google +1 to your TypePad blogs!

All you have to do is go to Design > Content, click the pencil icon for Post Footer, check the box for Google +1, and save your changes. You’ll then see this in your post footer:


When your readers click the +1 button, their Google Circle will be able to see these links under the +1 tab of your Google+ profile (if you've shown this tab on your profile, that is). Right now these aren’t showing up in your activity stream, but we suspect Google will have many ways of sharing this information to your Circles in the future.

You can read more about the Google +1 button in our Knowledge Base.




jeff reine

+1 :)


how would we apply this for Advanced Templates, please? Thanks.


Hi there! We've updated the Knowledge Base article, linked in the above Everything TypePad post, to include more information about adding Google +1 to an Advanced Template set. You will need to copy the code from Google itself, then follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article to correctly implement it into your blog's design.

Here's a quick link to the Knowledge Base article here: http://help.typepad.com/google-plus-1.html

We hope this helps! :)


Brianna, thank you for answering Candy's question so quickly. I'm sure there are a lot of us who wondered the same thing while reading this blog post.

Account Deleted

This is terrific. Thank you so much!
Would love someday to have a Tumblr button, too.


Just a freak coincidence or what: my Facebook like-button quit working the same minute this new google +1 button was introduced. Even if I did NOT activate google button???

Anyone else experiencing same issues?

Tanika Jones

My FB Like button isn't working either!!!!!!!!

Michael Leo

It seems to be a freak coincidence. I've just tested it on other sites (ESPN, TechCrunch.com, GigaOm.com, etc.) using 2 different browsers and the Like and Recommend buttons seem to be broken across the board. Seems to be backed up by the number of tweets on Twitter about the problem. So for now, all we can do is sit tight and let Facebook fix the problem.

Michael Leo

Please see my response to Tozimies above.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

This is a nice new tool. Great to see Typepad being proactive about new features.

How about a Stumble Upon button? Reports out yesterday say that Stumble Upon is driving more traffic even than Facebook.


I agree! I'd love to see a Stumble Upon button added. Thanks.


Great tool! Thank you TypePad!


I just +1 this!

Carrie Deahl

Thanks for the tip! I'm in as a +1 user...


Thank you!!

This was very much needed!!!! :)

Trent Fitzgerald

Thanks Typepad!


+1 :)


Any chance of this being added to the Chroma design?


Thanks for adding the g+ sharing button. does this widget also available on the Typepad Micro blogs.

and wanna also ask you does typepad did not support blogger blog open id i mean i wan not able to login with my open id account

thanks in advance, if reply


Wow, so cool. I like.

Bobby Lehew

Any word on a LinkedIn share button?

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

Great post


I was going to ask about the space between the +1 button and the Like button but I see the answer on your knowledge base. So my question now is will the space go away if Typepad had the Like button first and then the +1 button?

Kymberlie R. McGuire

Hi Laurie,

The Facebook button also has spacing behind it, so if we rearranged them, you'd see the same thing, but with the Facebook button instead.

We'll continue to watch to see if there's a way to improve spacing in the future.


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