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Mommy Shorts

WHO: Ilana Wiles
BLOG: Mommy Shorts
WHY WE THINK MOMMY SHORTS ROCKS: Ilana Wiles is a working mom from NYC who is, in her own words, totally exhausted. She lives with her husband Mike and their delightfully adorable daughter Mazzy in downtown Manhattan, where she pens Mommy Shorts, a fantastic blog that delivers anecdotes, interviews, and advice - with plenty of wit! This is not your average "mommy blog" - Mommy Shorts is bold and bright, and we're not just talking about the content. Ilana designed Mommy Shorts using our Theme Builder on Basic Templates, adding some serious character and design mojo and making it a stellar example of what can be done with TypePad. No need to look further for your next favorite read; Mommy Shorts is the total package - a great looking blog with entertaining, engaging content.


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