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Seymour Library Makes the Move to TypePad


The Seymour Public Library in New York wanted to launch a blog and integrate their website so that everything was in one place. They chose TypePad and, to help them get started, connected with our Services team for a Power Launch service.

Working together with Barbara from the Library, we helped them organize and link to their most important content, as well as set up recommended TypePad features. In addition, we created a lovely banner image using a photo they provided of the Library and redirected their domain from the old website to their TypePad blog.

Need some extra help getting started too? Contact our Services team to learn more about our Power Launch and other services. And be sure to visit Seymour Library if you're interested in books, or are curious about how a library uses TypePad for both their website and their blog.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


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I'm glad that they going with typepad. I'm always amaze by the personnel of this library very professionals.

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