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The Wide-Eyed Legless: Mermaid Blog Makes a Splash


LaWanica has a real eye for style, and a passion for mermaids. Her blog, The Wide-Eyed Legless shares art, fashion, and other mermaid-related creations. LaWanica had a design idea that would make The Wide-Eyed Legless the blog of her dreams, but she didn't know how to make it work on TypePad.

Enter the TypePad design services team. Working together with LaWanica, we took her mock-up and the images she had created, and implemented the design on her blog. Now The Wide-Eyed Legless has a gorgeous new look.

Got a design idea of your own? Contact our design services team and tell us about it. You may be surprised at what's possible on TypePad. And be sure to visit The Wide-Eyed Legless for a daily dose of mermaids.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


jeff reine

Mermaids! I <3 TypePad.


I loved working on this service. It was a joy to look at during the process, even when the CSS played with my emotions. Yay TypePad! Yay to the designer who created the mockup for LaWanica! And yay to LaWanica herself as she was amazing to work with throughout the entire design integration process. :D

Anto'x Choy


Account Deleted

oh, good

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