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Are you the Most Valuable Blogger?

image from jeffreine.typepad.com Local CBS stations around the country are looking for the "Most Valuable Bloggers" in their cities! So if you're based in one of their cities and in one of their six categories (including the ever popular "Everything Else") then head on over to your local CBS affiliate's site to enter to win. And if you are nominated, come on back here or Tweet us at @typepad and let us know so we can help push you over the edge!

Good Luck TypePadders!

Here are some of CBS Local's sites... We're sure there are more and encourage you to look for your local site and post a link in the comments. (Hint: try cityname.cbslocal.com/most-valuable-blogger/)



Kofla Olivieri

On my way to check out Philly, lol

JM Cozzoli

Thanks, just entered for New York.


Its a pity London is not there is the List.

Sally Jo Sorensen

My typepad blog, Bluestem Prairie, is shortlisted for Most Valuable Blogger--Local Affairs in Minnesota.


jeff reine

That's fantastic news!

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