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Did You Know?: Creating Your Own Favicon

If you’ve ever visited a TypePad blog and wondered how they have their own icon next to their URL in your web browser, the answer is by uploading their own favicon. Using your own favicon is an easy way to strengthen your brand’s identity in the minds of your readers. The Ruckus, for example, has their ever-present mustache for their own favicon.

Using a program like IrfanView or FavIcon from Pics, it’s easy to turn a regular image file into .ico file suitable for uploading. Just make sure that you pick something that’s going to look good at 16 pixels by 16 pixels. The file must be named favicon.ico to replace the default TypePad one.

After you’ve made your favicon, all you need to do is to go to Library > File Manager and upload the file to your Home directory or your blog’s folder if you’re using domain mapping.

That’s it! After you’ve uploaded the file, you may need to resave your blog as a bookmark or clear Safari’s icon cache to see the image.

We have more information on how to do that and the rest of these steps here.

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I've always wondered how to do that! =D


So easy! I love it - thank you!

Kofla Olivieri

Too complicated for me, thanks anyway.

Kymberlie R. McGuire

If you're having problems but still want to upload your own favicon, we'd be more than happy to help you with any difficulties you may be having. :-)

Just open a help ticket within TypePad by clicking the Help link in the top navigation and one of our support team members can give you a hand!


Kiril Kundurazieff

Will have to give this some thought to come up with something appropriate for the Cat Blog.


Kymberlie i know what you mean. I recently migrated my site, what a headache!

I wish i knew this earlier, thanks for the post. Will keep you in mind. http://designerdesigner.co.uk/

Kofla Olivieri

Thank you. I already uploaded a favicon.ico to my home directory. I am stuck on how to deal with the domain mapping part. I will open a help ticket and see what happens. Thanks.


So I resized an image to 16 x 16 pxels and changed it from a jpg to a gif. I renamed in favicon.ico and then downloaded it into my Home file on my Typepad blog. I don't see the favicon...I no longer see the lily pad (of Typepad). Now there is a green globe...not the robin watercolor that I resized for my favicon.
I look around and see my pc switched it to favicon.gif....not favicon.ico. Of course it did....I made it a gif. How do I make it a ico? There is no ico in the dropdown of my picture editor.

Kofla Olivieri

I had the same problem, until I downloaded "InfanView", renamed my gif image to "favicon.ico, and downloaded it to my home file. Hope that helps.


Like Kofla said, you do need to save the file as a .ico file for it to work. A program like IrfanView (which is what I personally use) or FavIcon from Pics will let you do this easily.

If you have any other questions or have problems saving the file correctly, do open a help ticket and we'll be happy to assist you!


well, I went on over to Favicon from Pics and downloaded my pic into their little device and after waiting a good 30 seconds or more all I got back was a white screen with an error message.
So I went and downloaded the IrfanView (which I really didn’t want to) and managed to work that. All went well....favicon.ico....downloaded it into my Home file but I still don’t see my bird....just a green globe. LOL....


Okay....I deleted all my "favorites" bookmark for my blog and from Google toolbar.....closed everything down and then reset bookmark and toolbar and she is there.
Thank you both for all your help.

Kiril Kundurazieff

Like Robin all I get is the White Screen of Doom.

Not willing to download a program I don't know how to use, and will probably never use again.

I'll just keep trying the favicon site, and see what happens.

Stephen Essel

I guess this is lovely, will try and get my favicon on.


Here are some additional favicon generator sites that let you upload your own image and converts it into a favicon image for you to download:


We hope this helps!


Is there a way to do this with a website you own?... Because I have a website at artisourlife.webs.com and i wanted to have an icon next to the address so that my guests could find it easier... I'm also looking for new members that would be perfect for it... So if anyone has any questions or answers for me just email me at codytheweirdkid@yahoo.com ... Thanks


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