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Unable to post? Blog loading slowly? We're here to help!

The tools available to enhance your online experience are constantly changing. While some of the changes are good, some tools can negatively impact your experience with TypePad. A few recent changes to online tools which may require adjustments to your blog or browser settings are:

Does your blog load slowly suddenly? Popular tracking tool MyBlogLog was shutdown earlier this year. MyBlogLog provided a variety of widgets which could be added to your blog. If you have added one of the MyBlogLog widgets, the widget will not load because mybloglog.com is no longer available. The result is a delay in loading of your blog.

To remove any broken widgets, go to Design > Content, click the red x icon next to the module, and click Save Changes to update your blog. Not all MyBlogLog widgets are called MyBlogLog. Look for any tracking widgets which do not load on your blog as the culprits and remove these.

Additional tips are available in the improve your blog's load time article.

Are you unable to save a post or help ticket and are using Firefox as your browser? A recent update to the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Add-on does not work with TypePad. We highly recommend disabling this add-on at Tools > Manage Add-ons in Firefox for the best results.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, instead of Firefox, and unable to upload images or make other edits to your blog, you may need to switch to compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 9 by clicking the broken page icon to the right of the browser address bar.

We have additional tips for troubleshooting display issues on your blog in the Knowledge Base, and you can reach TypePad support 7 days week by clicking the Help link in your TypePad account and opening a new ticket.


Kofla Olivieri

Firefox has been my savior!! lol

Judy Lake

My computer just kicked off and lost my blog post. I hadn't put a title to my post. Can i find it??? been trying.


Hi Judy! You can click the "Restore auto-save content" button in the Rich Text editor to restore the content of the text fields on the Compose page if you suddenly lose content. We have more information on restoring your posts and pages here:

Judy Lake

thank you so much. phew. that was great.
thanks for responding so fast.

Kofla Olivieri

Thanks for the link. I always wondered what to do if I had a crash. Thanks.

Mahama Idrissu

my windows explorer respond badly and it started after installing desktop icon toy. What should I do?

Joan Sam

why is there not the oppportunity to comment on Ben Gallop's blog anymore? Is there a technical problem due to the volume of comments?

Tameka Mullins (Tamstarz)

I noticed that the Facebook "Like" box widget no longer loads on my blog. It's the one that shows how many Facebook fans you have and displays intros of some of your posts. The widget will work for a few days initially and then stop loading. I just went ahead and removed it.

Joseph Lian

Follow me guys please cause i am new and i will need a lot of help about it

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