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Literal Mom Blog Gets a Facelift


Missy created Literal Mom as a place where parents can talk honestly about the issues important in their lives. Several months ago, she requested a Tune-Up Service to optimize the blog but after awhile she realized that she wanted to take the design to the next level. While the Tune-Up includes the creation of a banner image, it's only a small part of the overall service. Missy was looking for more options and a deeper collaborative process. She found that in our Banner Design Service. Working with Missy's preferences for fonts, colors, and overall style, and taking inspiration from several of Missy's favorite blogs, our designer created the gorgeous banner you see above. She also adjusted the navigation bar, footer, and link colors of the design to match the new banner. Missy is thrilled with the beautiful, professional, new look for Literal Mom.

Interested in something similar? Contact our Services team to learn more about the Banner Design Service and our other options. And be sure to check out Literal Mom for some real talk about parenting.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.



Clean & simple.

Abidemi Temitope



And can I just say that Typepad is UNDERSTATING how much this blog design improved the overall look, feel and quality of my blog? I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my designer (who I'd love to go have coffee with sometime!) and her ability to really HEAR what I was saying, even when I didn't quite know how to say it!

I highly recommend this service. And thank you AGAIN, Typepad!

Account Deleted

that is so cool, Missy. i've been wanting it too but i'm not sure if it justifies the expense...i just wanted something that would really reflect ME...not so easy to say exactly.


Girls will love it!

jeff reine

Really happy to hear, Missy! Your comment made my day.

Kimberly Miller

ok lol

Latoya P.Cook

thats cool

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