Did You Know?: Adding the Search Module to Your Blog
It's Me, KP

The TypePad Knowledge Base has a new look!

Last Thursday, we released a new design for the TypePad Knowledge Base. We're excited about the design as the entire Knowledge Base was created using TypePad and is a great example of what you can accomplish with an Advanced Template Set.

Highlights of the New Design

TypePad's blog search provides better results with the best matches at the top of the results page. You too can utilize the Blog Search on your own blog. Each article also has related keywords added to make sure the article appears in search results even if you don't know the exact terminology.

Hover your mouse over the Help Topics menu items to open a pop-up box with quick links to featured articles by topic.

TypePad Knowledge Base

On the Knowledge Base front page, you can get a quick glimpse of the current topics in the TypePad forum at GetSatisfaction. Click the GetSatisfaction icon to go directly to the forum to submit your question, see if anyone has the same question, or answer another blogger's question to become a champion.

The list of Top Issues and tips for resolving problems are listed on every page. Click the top issues heading to see if the problem you are encountering matches an existing topic. We'll try to include tips for resolving any browser related issues or other problems and include updates on the status of any issue in the related thread.

Brianna, who works in TypePad support, developed the site. She also works on custom design services for TypePad bloggers, and you can see an example of the work done by Brianna and other members of the support team in the blog services portfolio.

The entire TypePad support team - Laura, Colleen, Kymberlie, Jen, Melanie, and Brianna - wrote and transferred the articles to TypePad as new Pages.

Is there a tip or article you would like to see added to the Knowledge Base? Let us know in the comments or the forum.

Known Issues

  • The Knowledge Base search and a couple links in the Help section of your TypePad account are not working. While we work to resolve this, go directly to help.typepad.com to search for articles.
  • We know some broken links in the Knowledge Base are still eluding us. We're continuing to go through articles double-checking links and making corrections.
  • Any links to Knowledge Base articles you may have saved should still work if the link includes help.typepad.com. However, old links using help.sixapart.com will redirect to the front page of new Knowledge Base. Using the Knowledge Base search, you can look up the article and get the new article URL.


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I love the new fresh look and new features. Great jobs guys and gals.
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