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Note to Self

NAME: Sarah Tolzmann
BLOG: Note to Self
WHY WE THINK NOTE TO SELF ROCKS: Sara Tolzmann is an M.F.A. Candidate in Design Management with a fantastic eye for beauty. Using our Theme Builder which allows any blogger from Pro Plus up to create a custom appearance, she has designed a modern, clean, and lovely blog where she curates collections of the things she loves from around the 'net.

In her own words:

Anyone who is curious about and pretty much enraptured by all of the small things that make this world and this life wonderful can understand how difficult it is to keep track of it all. For this reason --- in a semi-organized effort to avoid those achy-breaky waves of minor devastation that occur when we misplace that which we loved at first sight --- this blog is here for me and for you. I hope you don't mind run-on sentences.


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Music Swims Back to Me

NAME: Steven Blaski
BLOG: Music Swims Back to Me
WHY WE THINK MUSIC SWIMS BACK TO ME ROCKS: Music Swims Back to Me is a music diary that explores Steven Blaski's current musical touchstones and features vignettes of the people, places and events that changed his life. His blog is striking to look at and just as lovely to read, but most importantly, Music Swims Back to Me offers a chance for readers to learn about and enjoy music that they might otherwise never encounter. Hi taste is eclectic, ranging from the Great American Songbook of the '30s, ’40s, and '50s to the teen arias of the Brill Building, from the classic soul out of Detroit and Philly to the singer-songwriters of the early '70s and the punks of the late 70s, and on through the indie/alternative artists of today. Music Swims Back to Me is required reading for music buffs, and those about to rock.



Literal Mom Blog Gets a Facelift


Missy created Literal Mom as a place where parents can talk honestly about the issues important in their lives. Several months ago, she requested a Tune-Up Service to optimize the blog but after awhile she realized that she wanted to take the design to the next level. While the Tune-Up includes the creation of a banner image, it's only a small part of the overall service. Missy was looking for more options and a deeper collaborative process. She found that in our Banner Design Service. Working with Missy's preferences for fonts, colors, and overall style, and taking inspiration from several of Missy's favorite blogs, our designer created the gorgeous banner you see above. She also adjusted the navigation bar, footer, and link colors of the design to match the new banner. Missy is thrilled with the beautiful, professional, new look for Literal Mom.

Interested in something similar? Contact our Services team to learn more about the Banner Design Service and our other options. And be sure to check out Literal Mom for some real talk about parenting.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Did You Know?: Adding a Form to Your Blog

While comments are a great way to interact with your readers, sometimes you need to gather more information from them. This can be useful for polls on what your readers would like to see on your blog, for gathering demographics on your readers, and more. An easy way to do this is by adding a form to your blog.

If you’d like to put a form in your sidebar, you can do so with a paid subscription via Formstack. They have a widget that will add one to your sidebar with just a few clicks. You can read more about this here.

You can also use other third-party services like Google Docs or Jotform to create a free form.

To add your form to your sidebar, you would go to Blogs > Design > Content. Select Widgets and then the “Embed your HTML” option and click the “Add this module” button. You would then paste your code into the new pop-up window. We have more information on this in our Knowledge Base.

To add your form to a post, simply click the HTML tab, choose the Convert Line Breaks option, and paste your code in. You can read more about how to do this here.

You'll want to make sure that you're keeping your blog's column width in mind when creating your form so that it displays properly for your readers.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

Featured Friday: The Best of TypePad!

From foodies to crafters to film critics and business experts, our Featured Blogs have been keeping us captivated lately! We hope you've been paying attention, but if you've missed anything, here are some great blogs to add to your favorites and start your weekend off with a little inspiration!

Cole Smithey: The Smartest Film Critic in the World

Pulp Sushi

Once Upon a Chef

Freckled Nest

Content Mastery Guide

We really dig these blogs, and we hope that you do too! Do you know of a blog that should be featured, or is your own blog the bees knees? We're looking for the best of TypePad, so what are you waiting for? Suggest a site!

Content Mastery Guide

NAME: Linda Dessau
BLOG: Content Mastery Guide
WHY WE THINK CONTENT MASTERY GUIDE ROCKS: Linda Dessau is the author of Write Your Way to More Clients Online and The Customizable Style Guide for Coaches Who Write. She helps coaches and other service providers to build and enhance relationships with their clients, prospective clients and colleagues. Linda runs a fantastic, engaging blog and helps small business owners write web content that connects.



Freckled Nest

NAME: Leigh-Ann Keffer (LA)
BLOG: Freckled Nest
WHY WE THINK FRECKLED NEST ROCKS: Leigh-Ann (LA to her friends) started Freckled Nest in 2006 as a hobby and a place to sell the albums and embroidery that she created. She started her blog and opened her Etsy shop soon after, and things took off like gangbusters. Now, she spends her time crafting, designing blogs, and teaching classes. Her blog is a treasury of great photos, gorgeous design, and inspiration to spare. Gorgeous!


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Unable to post? Blog loading slowly? We're here to help!

The tools available to enhance your online experience are constantly changing. While some of the changes are good, some tools can negatively impact your experience with TypePad. A few recent changes to online tools which may require adjustments to your blog or browser settings are:

Does your blog load slowly suddenly? Popular tracking tool MyBlogLog was shutdown earlier this year. MyBlogLog provided a variety of widgets which could be added to your blog. If you have added one of the MyBlogLog widgets, the widget will not load because is no longer available. The result is a delay in loading of your blog.

To remove any broken widgets, go to Design > Content, click the red x icon next to the module, and click Save Changes to update your blog. Not all MyBlogLog widgets are called MyBlogLog. Look for any tracking widgets which do not load on your blog as the culprits and remove these.

Additional tips are available in the improve your blog's load time article.

Are you unable to save a post or help ticket and are using Firefox as your browser? A recent update to the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Add-on does not work with TypePad. We highly recommend disabling this add-on at Tools > Manage Add-ons in Firefox for the best results.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, instead of Firefox, and unable to upload images or make other edits to your blog, you may need to switch to compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 9 by clicking the broken page icon to the right of the browser address bar.

We have additional tips for troubleshooting display issues on your blog in the Knowledge Base, and you can reach TypePad support 7 days week by clicking the Help link in your TypePad account and opening a new ticket.

Weekend Project: Style Your Mobile Blog with Basic Templates

You may remember a post we published last month about styling the mobile version of your blog with Advanced Templates. This weekend's project is how to style your mobile blog without Advanced Templates. This is a great tip for those of you who want a custom look for the mobile version of your blog, but don't use Advanced Templates, or only know enough CSS and HTML to get yourself into trouble.

First, let's begin with our test subject--Swoonish. This just so happens to be my personal blog, which I hadn't gotten around to designing the mobile view for yet. (You're helping me be productive when I'd rather be eating pizza, so thanks! :D)

This is what Swoonish looks like in your standard browser, via your standard computer:

image from
If I wanted to, I could ignore that not everyone has an iPhone, or other compatible device that (usually) shows you how the blog should look. Unfortunately, I, and the rest of the support staff, are completely aware of the frustration that can come when you're trying to read a blog with an amazing, fully decked-out design, lots of photographs, scripts, and content, that just takes forever to load.

The purpose of this project, then, is to:

  1. retain some aspects of your blog's design so that it's still visually linked to the full version of your blog; and
  2. provide a slimmed-down, content-only (note: post content, not sidebar content) view that is easy to read and browse.

Excited to get started? Me too!

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Once Upon A Chef

NAME: Jenn
BLOG: Once Upon A Chef
WHY WE THINK ONCE UPON A CHEF ROCKS: Some blogs are beautiful, some are informative, and some are fun - Once Upon A Chef is all three. Written by a former chef who happily traded her white coat for apron strings, Jenn's blog is beautifully designed and full of tasty, well-tested recipes (with gorgeous photos). Featured amongst Saveur Magazine's "Sites We Love," Once Upon A Chef is the best source we've found for easy and elegant cooking inspiration for every occasion.


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