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Did You Know?: Staying in Touch with TypePad

We don’t know about you, but in today’s world, it can be hard to find all the information you need and to stay in touch with the people and brands you care about. Here’s how you can keep in contact with TypePad!

First off, there’s the TypePad Twitter account. On Twitter, we post status updates (even on services that aren’t TypePad but might affect your blog like domain registrars), links to Everything TypePad posts, answer subscriber requests, and more.

We’re also on Facebook! We post status updates here as well, ask questions about what you think on certain topics, and more. Be sure to Like us on Facebook!

We’ve mentioned it previously, but our Get Satisfaction forum is an excellent way to find answers to your questions, find out about top issues, and interact with your fellow TypePad members. You can even become a TypePad Champion!

We hope this helps you keep in touch with us in all the various places!


Lorena Arismendi

hablo solamente español

Omm Rudraksha

Typepad twitter account. I am following on that.

Kenny Taylor

I'll make certain to get that 'follow up' done a.s.a.p.

Penny Winder

There is a sudden change in their shape, like a loop coming to its end

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