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Introducing Scene: Urban Borough, a New Theme from TypePad

We are introducing a new theme today called Urban Borough.


Urban Borough is the first release from a brand new theme set, which will consist of four themes altogether, grouped under the name Scene. The remaining three themes will be released over the next several weeks.

Common between all of the Scene themes will be:

  • wide columns (perfect for larger images and sidebar advertisements/widgets)
  • clean lines (classic styling for long-term use of the theme)
  • lots of balanced white space (ideal for helping to keep your blog from looking cluttered)
  • complementary color schemes to match the (gorgeous!) theme banners;
  • blog footer styles focused for content-rich setup; and
  • optimized styling for mobile views (mobile views will see a slimmed-down version of your blog, showing only the navigation, banner, blog title, and blog posts; all other content will not display)

We're very excited to be bringing you Urban Borough, as well as the rest of the themes in the coming weeks. We hope you take the time to preview and apply each theme as they're released. Feel free to lean on the thematic strengths or make adjustments via Custom CSS or the Content screen.

Want to learn more about the Scene theme and adjustments you can make? We've prepared and published an article to walk you through all of the great features and tweaks available for Scene.

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