Google AdSense problems are resolved
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Keep in Touch with Top Issues on Get Satisfaction

Recently, you might have noticed Google AdSense Ads went missing from TypePad. The issue was on Google’s end and is now resolved, but what if you had noticed this problem on your own blog and didn’t know who was at fault or what to do?

Luckily, you have the entire TypePad Support Team ready to help you. One way we keep our users informed of problems like this is within our Get Satisfaction forum.

Within Get Satisfaction, we flag any bigger issues - like the aforementioned Google AdSense problem – with the topissues tag so that you can see all of them at a glance here. These issues are also conveniently linked under every page of Knowledge Base’s sidebar under the Top Issues heading.

If you’re experiencing any problems, this is a great place to start first. Any questions that you might have can also be asked there so that the entire community can help out (which gives you a chance to be a TypePad Champion)! You can also always open up a help ticket if you’re a paid subscriber and a member of our support team will be more than happy to assist you.

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