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Laura is an artist and uses her blog, Laurelines, to showcase her work. She wanted to take the blog to the next level, so she contacted the TypePad Blog Services team and we did a Tune-Up Service for her. From her own custom URL to social media integration and an email subscription option, the new features help her blog stand out as a unique site and encourage her readers to keep coming back and to share her posts with their own friends. The best feature, however, is the new banner image, which we created from Laura's own art. Gorgeous, isn't it? She is incredibly talented.

Looking to give your own blog a new lease on life? Want to make it better but aren't sure exactly what it needs? In the Tune-Up Service, we evaluate your blog and recommend the most important features, then implement those features for you. You can even get a new banner image as part of the service. Sign up now! And don't forget to check out Laurelines to see more of Laura's amazing art.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


Account Deleted

good sharing.

Account Deleted

hi how r u

Omm Rudraksha

It rocks. Very good work.

Kenny Taylor

Very Good Work! May I ask you to help with some of my beginning projects? I will pass your name & Work across my affiliate network! With your permission, of course.
Papa Sugarbear

Andrew Thomas

The art looks great and remains me of an Email Virus
Andrew Thomas
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