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Marc Johns

NAME: Marc Johns
BLOG: Marc Johns: Serious Drawings
WHY WE THINK MARC JOHNS ROCKS: Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. Whether it’s a man with branches growing out of his head that need pruning, or a pipe that’s trying to quit smoking, his characters are simply, sparsely drawn, yet speak volumes with just a few strokes of the pen. He's been drawing since he was tiny - in fact, he recently created a set of illustrations specifically for SAY Media, and we couldn't be more proud.

He uses his blog to showcase his new drawings as he completes them, reacquaint his readers with older drawings, and to show off the tattoos that fans of his work have inked on a regular basis. Go have a look and fall in love with his work! They go fast, but if you're quick enough, you might just end up with an original drawing to call your very own.


FOLLOW MARC JOHNS: on Twitter and TypePad.


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