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Meet Some of Our Newest Get Satisfaction Champions!

Since we’ve implemented the Get Satisfaction Champions program this past summer, we’ve had several people step up and help out their fellow TypePad users. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of our newest Champions!

The first we’d like to introduce is Simon Widdowson who runs the Porchester Junior School blogs. Simon does a lot of helping out over at Get Satisfaction, but it was his contributions to the TypeKit alternative discussion that really made him shine. Thanks for always participating, Simon!

Next is Bob Cohen who blogs at Bobology. Bob had some great insight on calendar widgets and which ones to use on TypePad. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you use, Bob!

Finally, we have Snoozer, the man behind I Have Fury. He’s also helped out in several places, but his explanation on how to upload a profile picture earned him his Get Satisfaction Champion title. Thanks for helping everyone out!

Not only did Simon, Bob, and Snoozer get a spiffy little Champ icon for their avatars at Get Satisfaction, they also got credit applied to their TypePad accounts and one of the amazing SAY Media shirts that Marc Johns recently blogged about. I personally love my “Powered by SAY” shirt in raspberry and get compliments on it all the time.

If you’d like to help out your fellow TypePad subscribers in Get Satisfaction, remember you can do so by not just answering questions, but by making suggestions to improve a blog, starting a discussion on a useful topic, or anything else that comes to mind. The TypePad support staff closely monitors (and participates) in the forum, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything useful!

Head on over to Get Satisfaction and start your own path to becoming a Get Satisfaction Champion!


jeff reine

You are the Champions... to me :)

Account Deleted

Champions in every sense. :)

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