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New - Plug In with Adobe Lightroom and TypePad!

Professional photographers and hobbyists by the thousands have chosen to use Adobe Lightroom as their main software solution for organizing and developing their images. As any smart photographer and photo blogger knows, the more streamlined your workflow is, the better things run, and Lightroom is a great way to keep things organized. Now, as TypePad bloggers, your workflow is about to get even better with a handy new Lightroom tool called LR/Blog.

LR/Blog is an export plugin from the Photographer's Toolbox, which allows you to move photos from Lightroom directly to TypePad. Users can simply upload their images and create an accompanying blog post right in the interface. Once finished, you'll be sent to your TypePad account, where you can make any copy changes. Then, just publish the post and you're done!

You can learn more about the plug-in here

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Kofla Olivieri

I am not a photo blogger, but have been using Photoshop for seven years. In my opinion, Adobe Lightroom should be integrated already on Adobe Photoshop.

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