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Open Table

NAME: Alexandra Langdon
BLOG: Open Table
WHY WE THINK OPEN TABLE ROCKS: Instead of having an open door policy in her home, blogger Alexandra Langdon's family has an open table policy, one which encourages friends, family members and neighbors alike to join them for food, often at a moment's notice. The tradition started with her mother, who would, while Alexandra was growing up, often bump into someone mid-afternoon and then invite them for a drink, which would inevitably turn into dinner. Add to that the friends that Alexandra and her siblings brought home, and you have a full table!

Now, Alexandra has brought the open table concept into the modern age, sharing oft requested recipes, along with great photos of tempting treats and entertaining anecdotes on her blog. On any given day, you will find a daily recipe, cooking tip, or organizational suggestion that has stood out during the day and helped her get good food on the table for her friends and family. If you enjoy food and family, you're in for a treat - no reservations required!


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