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Featured Friday: Charming and Captivating

Today's Featured Friday roundup is focused on great design and great content, all showcased on our Featured TypePad blog over the past couple of weeks. From design to cooking and everything else you can think of, the subjects are varied but these blogs all have a great design and captivating content! Get your weekend started by finding your new favorite blog, and don't forget to suggest your favorite TypePad blog! It might just end up here.



Grandpa's Home Cooking


Marc Johns: Serious Drawings


Open Table


Small Sweet Steps


AUDacious Designs


Audacious Designs

NAME: Audrey Neal
BLOG: Audacious Designs
WHY WE THINK AUDACIOUS DESIGNS ROCKS: Designer and author Audrey Neal writes about her favorite things: books, photography, memory keeping, and family life. For each day of the week, she creates blog content in specific categories that let her share ideas and projects, book reviews, recent photos, and life in general with her devoted readers. Her blog is beautifully designed and completely captivating! Memorable indeed.


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Small Sweet Steps

NAME: Stephanie Ryan
BLOG: Small Sweet Steps
WHY WE THINK SMALL SWEET STEPS ROCKS: Small Sweet Steps is an inspirational blog about Stephanie Ryan's life and art (she is a tableware designer and also runs a fantastic Etsy shop), and the steps that she is taking to become a licensed artist and overcome late stage Lyme disease. Her blog is beautifully designed, featuring her gorgeous art and captivating stories.

Small Sweet Steps is built on TypePad's Theme Builder and uses just a bit of Custom CSS to tie everything together. The entire look is clean, modern and absolutely lovely, just like her art!


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Introducing Scene: Jet Set, a New Theme from TypePad

Today we're introducing Jet Set, a great new theme in the Scene series.




The release of Jet Set continues the modern and clean lines unveiled with Urban Borough and Echo Park. This time there's a fantastic vintage twist. And why not throw in the magic of aviation? We're super stoked about the way this series is coming together, and we hope you are too!

There's just one more Scene them to be unveiled, and (we think) we're saving the best for last.

Comment Tips

Conversation between bloggers and readers is important for your blog. We've talked recently about using CSS to make your author comments stand out, and TypePad gives you a variety of tools to manage comments.

Display Your Custom Avatar

On your blog, you can allow for a custom avatar to be displayed for each commenter. At Settings > Comments, select the option the "Show Userpics" and click Save Changes.

When you sign in to TypePad or Facebook to comment on a blog, your TypePad Profile or Facebook Profile picture will be displayed next to your account.

To upload a custom profile image, click the Profile link in the heading of your account and click Edit Profile. Click Browse to choose an image from your computer. Then click Save Changes to update your account.

Next time you comment on a TypePad blog, click the "Sign in with TypePad" link above the comment form. (You can also choose to sign in with Facebook.) You'll be prompted to sign in or recognized as already signed in to your account. Once you are signed in, you will see the "You are signed in as" text above the comment form. If you don't see this text, you will need to click the sign in link.

If you don't sign in to comment, one of the default avatar images will display next to the comment.

Comment Feeds

A feed for comments can be enabled for each post. For active threads, subscribing to the comment feed makes it easy to keep up to date on the latest replies to the blog.

At Settings > Feeds, check the box to enable "Comments on individual Posts and Pages" and click Save Changes.

Please note comment feeds are not available when using TypePad Connect or third-party comment systems.

Close Comments On Older Posts

Encourage readers to comment on newer posts and participate in more recent conversations by closing comments on older posts. Also older posts which have been inactive for some time are likely targets of spammers. TypePad allows you to automatically close comments on a post after a specific period of time.

At Settings > Comments, you can choose to auto-close comments on posts published a week ago or up to a year ago.

Block List

The Block List allows you to block not only spammers but others who may be posting comments which do not belong on the thread. You have control over comments on your own blog and can choose to prevent comments from being published.

At Comments > Block List, you can add keywords, email addresses, websites, and IP addresses to the list. All fields of the comment form are checked for block content. You can even add partial items to the list. For example, if someone is commenting with different but similar website addresses, you can block trollsite which will prevent,, from being included in comments.

Add Recent Comments Module

By placing the Recent Comments module in the sidebar of your blog, you make it easy for visitors to your site to see where the current conversation is taking place on your blog.

To add the module, go to Design > Content. Select the Recent Comments module and click Add This Module. Rearrange your sidebar modules and click Save Changes to update your blog.

Do you have any other tips for managing comments? Share your tips in the comments.

Open Table

NAME: Alexandra Langdon
BLOG: Open Table
WHY WE THINK OPEN TABLE ROCKS: Instead of having an open door policy in her home, blogger Alexandra Langdon's family has an open table policy, one which encourages friends, family members and neighbors alike to join them for food, often at a moment's notice. The tradition started with her mother, who would, while Alexandra was growing up, often bump into someone mid-afternoon and then invite them for a drink, which would inevitably turn into dinner. Add to that the friends that Alexandra and her siblings brought home, and you have a full table!

Now, Alexandra has brought the open table concept into the modern age, sharing oft requested recipes, along with great photos of tempting treats and entertaining anecdotes on her blog. On any given day, you will find a daily recipe, cooking tip, or organizational suggestion that has stood out during the day and helped her get good food on the table for her friends and family. If you enjoy food and family, you're in for a treat - no reservations required!


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Weekend Project: Grid-style Posts Layout

This weekend's project is inspired by Rachael Herron's blog Yarn-A-Go-Go. Specifically, Rachael has set up her Books section to use a grid format for the book covers and blog post title. Each post then has a detailed synopsis, links to purchase the books, and reviews.


If you would like to display your posts in an easy-on-the-eyes grid format, and you're using Advanced Templates for your blog, read on!

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Marc Johns

NAME: Marc Johns
BLOG: Marc Johns: Serious Drawings
WHY WE THINK MARC JOHNS ROCKS: Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. Whether it’s a man with branches growing out of his head that need pruning, or a pipe that’s trying to quit smoking, his characters are simply, sparsely drawn, yet speak volumes with just a few strokes of the pen. He's been drawing since he was tiny - in fact, he recently created a set of illustrations specifically for SAY Media, and we couldn't be more proud.

He uses his blog to showcase his new drawings as he completes them, reacquaint his readers with older drawings, and to show off the tattoos that fans of his work have inked on a regular basis. Go have a look and fall in love with his work! They go fast, but if you're quick enough, you might just end up with an original drawing to call your very own.


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New - Plug In with Adobe Lightroom and TypePad!

Professional photographers and hobbyists by the thousands have chosen to use Adobe Lightroom as their main software solution for organizing and developing their images. As any smart photographer and photo blogger knows, the more streamlined your workflow is, the better things run, and Lightroom is a great way to keep things organized. Now, as TypePad bloggers, your workflow is about to get even better with a handy new Lightroom tool called LR/Blog.

LR/Blog is an export plugin from the Photographer's Toolbox, which allows you to move photos from Lightroom directly to TypePad. Users can simply upload their images and create an accompanying blog post right in the interface. Once finished, you'll be sent to your TypePad account, where you can make any copy changes. Then, just publish the post and you're done!

You can learn more about the plug-in here

Have a favorite app or tool for managing your photos? Tell us about it in the comments!

Grandpa's Home Cooking

NAME: Ross Pipes
BLOG: Grandpa's Home Cooking
WHY WE THINK GRANDPA'S HOME COOKING ROCKS: From sandwiches to soup and everything in between, Grandpa really knows how to cook. Ross Pipes, the gentleman behind Grandpa's Home Cooking, serves up great looking photos and recipes alongside entertaining anecdotes. They say the proof is in the pudding, and in this case, it's true. Just make sure you've eaten before you read, or you'll end up hungry!