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Introducing Scene: Echo Park, a New Theme from TypePad

Today we're introducing Echo Park, a great new theme in the Scene series.

Scene Theme - Echo Park

Echo Park's release continues the modern and clean lines unveiled with Urban Borough, but includes a feminine, city chic vibe that we're really digging.

Bundled in with this release are adjustments for issues some of you mentioned in the comments of the previous release's post. Now you should notice the following:

  • navigation bar items no longer have a border in the non-hover state, so if you change the background color of the navigation bar, that will no longer be noticeable
  • when the search module code is added to the navigation bar (note: must be between <li> and </li> tags) it sits better within the margins of the navigation bar itself
  • "continue reading" link, as well as extended entry post text, match the size of the rest of the text
  • images within a blockquote that are floated to the left or right no longer break the blockquote style
  • improved alignment for the blog footer when using the Opera browser

If you notice anything else, please let us know and we'll investigate those issues further, but most everything previously brought up should now be corrected.

We hope you'll let us know what you think about the Scene themes so far. Keep your eyes open for the last two still to come!



IT'S SO PRETTY. Do you make wallpaper? For like my bathroom or something?

PS there is totes a picture of me and my baby on there. I feel all Typepad famous.

Yudha Yan Kusuma

I use this code when inserting picture
display: inline;
but the picture displayed not inline with text, the picture always appear above text.

Account Deleted

I am a blogger and it is nice theme.


Yes I will make you some wallpaper.



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