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Congrats, Crappy Pictures & DadCentric!



A hearty "congratulations!" go out to Amber of Crappy Pictures and Jason of DadCentric for being named the readers' pick for funniest Mom Blog and the Editor's Pick for Best Dad Blog, respectively. Good to know we weren't the only ones snarfing our lattes and applauding out loud while reading Crappy Pictures and DadCentric. :)

We've got some great bloggers here on Typepad. If you win an award, please let us know so we can brag, er, tell everyone about it. 


Amber Dusick

Thank you & congrats to DadCentric!

jeff reine

Thanks for being a Typepad blogger and for making us laugh, Amber!


Thanks, Jeff! Also, Amber may well be the world's greatest human. So, so funny.

jeff reine

"The World's Greatest Humans Blog on Typepad." We have a new tagline! ;)

Honestly, its days like today and threads like this that make our jobs worth doing. We love knowing that we're doing our small part to make bloggers like you two be successful. And I personally love both your sites. As the father of a toddler, both of your blogs help me make sense of it all.


This one is good. It looks like my 6 years old sister drawing LOL.

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