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Have You Voiced Your Opinion on Get Satisfaction Lately?

We’ve mentioned before that we’re looking for Get Satisfaction Champions. A great way to shine and be noticed as one is by participating in one of our “Who Do YOU? Recommend” threads.

Two of our current threads are asking about recommendations for poll widgets and calendar widgets.

Do you have any you’d recommend? If so, head over to Get Satisfaction and speak your mind! You might become a Get Satisfaction Champion and win yourself some free TypePad time and a Marc Johns SAY Media shirt!


Kofla Olivieri

I've never been to the forums, so I have no idea who to recommend. It is a great idea though.

Jerry Uppling

Glad you took a look. On the left side are the "posts" from the past. If you find something interesting there just click on it and it will come up for your reading.

Jerry Uppling

I do hope you found something of value here.


Here are my recommendations:






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