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Adding A Flickr Slideshow To Your Blog

Adding a slideshow of images to your blog is easy to do. In the TypePad forum, Simon and Avery have shared their preferred tools for creating a rotating slideshow for your blog. We've also provided you with information on rotating the images in your blog's banner.

One of our favorite photo sharing sites, Flickr, has some built in tools which make it easy to share all or some of your Flickr photos on your blog.

Flickr's slideshows can be embedded in a post or page. If you have a set of photos at Flickr for Thanksgiving, for example, you can embed a slideshow of the set or tagged photos directly in a post on your blog describing your holiday festivities.

When viewing your Flickr photostream or set, click the slideshow button. In the upper, right corner, click the Share link to open the link and embed options. The default width is 400px. If you have a 500px wide main content column, you can click to Customize this HTML to change the width of the slideshow to 470px wide to fill the column. Then copy the embed code.

In TypePad, create a new Post or Page and click to the HTML tab. Paste the code for the slideshow within your post. To see how the slideshow will appear on your blog, click Preview. Please note the Rich Text view should not be used after the slideshow code is added to your post. Finally, click Publish.

To share a preview of all your Flickr photos and link to your full photostream, a Flickr badge can be placed in your blog's sidebar. Go to badge generator at Flickr to configure your badge. An HTML badge or A Flash badge can be added to your site. For your sidebar, we recommend the vertical and thumbnail configuration for the HTML badge. Choose colors which will stand out against your blog's background.

Copy the code provided by Flickr for your badge. In TypePad, go to Design > Content, select the Embed Your Own HTML module, and click Add This Module. Paste the badge code in the pop-up box and click OK. After rearranging the sidebar content, click Save Changes to update your blog.

If you are using the Chroma Theme, use the Custom Sidebar module to add the badge code. With a Mixed Media Layout, you can add the badge with a Notes TypeList.

Other photo sharing sites have slideshow creation tools as well. You can find out how to create a slideshow with your Photobucket photos here.

What's your favorite slideshow creation tool? Let us know in the forum.


NAME: Shauna Reid
BLOG: The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl
WHY WE THINK THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DIETGIRL ROCKS: Shauna Reid is an institution in weight loss blogging, and with good reason; she's been in the thick of food issues, understands life on the high and low end of the scale (she even wrote a book about it). These days, Shauna has ditched the diet mentality and is learning to feel happy in her own skin. In her new role as a healthy lifestyle guru, she brings tips, anecdotes, and heartfelt inspiration to her readers.



Weekend Project: Featuring Images with a One-Column Layout

This Weekend Project is perfect for anyone who wants to display images in a gallery-like format, where the images are wide and don't have to contend with other design elements.

In the example below we've made use of the One-Column Layout, combining it with the Theme Builder and Custom CSS. You can setup something similar with only the Theme Builder.


Remember that images, by default, will be restricted to 30px less than the width of the column. Keep in mind that the current max-width of the Theme Builder post column is 500px. The widest an image can be, without using CSS to increase the column width, is 470px.

Knowing that, and knowing we wanted to display much larger images, we setup a custom column width for our One-Column Layout by using the following CSS:

#container { width: 900px !important; }
#alpha { width: 900px !important; }

This means our images can be shown at a max-width of 870px!

We also chose the following Content settings at Design & Content to limit the design elements:

  • no date-header
  • no navigation bar
  • no module content
  • minimal post footer content (we kept it to just the permalink, comments link, and a few buttons)
  • no blog footer

You can choose your own preferred settings for what appears in the blog, but we really love the simple design that doesn't distract from the image.

In Jennie's Kitchen

NAME: Jennifer Perillo
BLOG: In Jennie's Kitchen
WHY WE THINK IN JENNIE'S KITCHEN ROCKS: She has worked in the kitchens of Tom Colicchio and Alain Ducasse, is listed amongst the top food blogs on just about every well respected list, and has been lauded by the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart, and it's no wonder why - Jennifer Perillo runs one of the best food blogs we've ever seen.

Free of fuss in both design and content and armed with a background in the restaurant business and current position as mom to two little girls, Jennie brings her readers delicious recipes and glimpses into a daily life lived with gusto.


FOLLOW IN JENNIE'S KITCHEN: on Twitter and TypePad.

Latest Updates to the TypePad Knowledge Base

New articles are added to the TypePad Knowledge Base regularly. When you visit the Knowledge Base, check the Fresh! section for the latest articles. Some recently added articles:

For those in the US, we hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! The TypePad support team is working during the long weekend. If you have any questions, you can reach us by clicking the Help link in your TypePad account or using the online form.

A New Look for Gone with the Family


Lisa travels a lot with her family and has a lovely blog that chronicles their adventures, Gone with the Family. She was looking for a new banner and to make sure her blog has all the most important features, so she contacted the TypePad blog services team and we set her up with a Tune-Up Service. We set up social media sharing tools on her blog, optimized her sidebar content, and even added a custom favicon for her, among other things. And, of course, we created a wonderful banner image for her blog, using photos that she provided. Lisa loves the new look and functionality of her blog.

Want to take your blog to the next level but aren't sure how? With the Tune-Up Service, we evaluate your blog, make a series of recommendations, and then implement the recommendations for you. Plus, you get a new banner as part of the service. Interested? Sign up now! And don't forget to check out Gone with the Family to learn more about Lisa's travel adventures.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


NAME: Michael Natkin
BLOG: Herbivoracious
WHY WE THINK HERBIVORACIOUS ROCKS: Herbivoracious is the go-to resource for foodies who want to get crafty in the kitchen with vegetarian fare. In fact, Herbivoracious is all about reinvigorating vegetarian cuisine with modern techniques and bold, authentic flavors.

At the helm of this tasty venture is software engineer Michael Natkin, who runs the blog out of his kitchen in Seattle, WA, where he lives with his wife and two kids. Natkin has been a vegetarian since 1984, and is passionate about bringing big flavors and good culinary technique to vegetarian cooking. He is currently writing a cookbook, which will be published in the spring of 2012. Lucky for us, we can enjoy his blog right now.


FOLLOW HERBIVORACIOUS: on Twitter and TypePad.

The Perfect Pantry

NAME: Lydia Walshin
BLOG: The Perfect Pantry
WHY WE THINK THE PERFECT PANTRY ROCKS: The Perfect Pantry features more than 250 pantry ingredients used in everyday cooking - common ingredients like salt, pepper, butter, flour and more exotic ingredients fundamental to a wide range of ethnic cuisines.

Food writer extraordinaire Lydia Walshin writes about and photographs the actual things she keeps in her pantry, noting the brands and sources she prefers and purchases over and over again. Each delicious post includes a recipe using many ingredients from the pantry, combined with fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Many of the recipes are her own; others come from or are inspired by cookbooks, web sites, chefs, friends and tradition. Looking for guidance and inspiration? The Perfect Pantry is a perfect powerhouse for novice and experienced cooks alike.


FOLLOW THE PERFECT PANTRY: on Twitter and TypePad.

Did You Know?: Filtering on the Posts Page

Last time we gave you a tip on making it easier to add categories to your posts. This week we’re providing a tip on how to filter your posts from the same Posts screen.

If you need to find a post within your blog, you can use the search box from the Posts screen by typing your search term and clicking the Search button. What if you need to locate more than one post or, as a Pro-Unlimited user, only posts by a specific author? In those scenarios, the filtering option has you covered!

To filter your posts, simply go to the Posts page and click the drop down.  You can filter by status (like draft or future posts), authors, or specific categories.

Using this simple drop down menu can save you lots of time and effort when searching for posts within TypePad.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!