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Parent Hacks

NAME: Asha Dornfest
BLOG: Parent Hacks
WHY WE THINK PARENT HACKS ROCKS: Parent Hacks collects and shares parents' tips, recommendations, workarounds, and bits of wisdom – their hacks – in a single pot so that everyone can benefit. For the first couple years of motherhood, founder and editor Asha Dornfest remembers thinking "this is not what I expected." She soon discovered that the best parenting advice doesn't come out of a book, but from other parents who've been there.

At Parent Hacks, you will find tips and tricks, product recommendations (from folks who are actually using the products), and an intelligent, committed community, to name just a few things. Parent Hacks also rocks a recent redesign, which you can read about on our Everything TypePad blog!


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Utilizing the Blogside Toolbar

Do you notice the gear icon which appears in the upper right corner of most TypePad blogs? That little icon reveals the Blogside Toolbar opening the door to manage your blog and share your favorite posts directly from the blog.

Blogside Toolbar

The Blogside Toolbar is beneficial to both TypePad members and non-members.

When viewing your own TypePad blog, the Blogside Toolbar gives you quick links to:

  • Blog Stats
  • Edit Post
  • Dashboard
  • TypePad Profile

When viewing other TypePad blogs, the Blogside Toolbar allows you to:

  • Follow the blogger to see updates from the blogger directly on your TypePad dashboard.
  • Reblog the post on your own blog.
  • Favorite the post.
  • Go directly to your TypePad Dashboard.

Visitors to your blog who are not signed in to TypePad will be able to quickly sign in to their TypePad account to Reblog your posts or Follow you without even leaving your blog. Anyone who is not already a TypePad member will be able to create a free TypePad Micro blog in one click to share your posts.

To take advantage of the Blogside Toolbar, enable it for your blog at Settings > Basics.

Show the toolbar


NAME: Jason Avant
BLOG: DadCentric
WHY WE THINK DADCENTRIC ROCKS: DadCentric is a collective of smart, edgy, and talented writer-dads, at the forefront of a revolution whose purpose is to overthrow the outdated notions of Fatherhood. There you'll find stories, essays, reviews, and interviews - written by and for modern fathers.

In addition to being cleverly written by several hip dads, and having recently been recruited for Babble's new Dadding section, DadCentric rocks a fantastic, eye-catching design, beautifully built using our Advanced Templates.


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Congrats, Crappy Pictures & DadCentric!



A hearty "congratulations!" go out to Amber of Crappy Pictures and Jason of DadCentric for being named the readers' pick for funniest Mom Blog and the Editor's Pick for Best Dad Blog, respectively. Good to know we weren't the only ones snarfing our lattes and applauding out loud while reading Crappy Pictures and DadCentric. :)

We've got some great bloggers here on Typepad. If you win an award, please let us know so we can brag, er, tell everyone about it. 

Petit Eco Kids

NAME: Flavia
BLOG: Petit Eco Kids
WHY WE THINK PETIT ECO KIDS ROCKS: Petit Eco Kids is flawlessly maintained by Flavia, a designer, illustrator and green minded mother living in Sydney, Australia. Petit Eco Kids is beautifully designed and well written, but that's not all. Flavia runs her blog on the belief that great design doesn't need to cost the earth, and that by making greener choices we are giving the new generations the best gift! From eco decor to green toys to the latest trends in organic kids' fashion, they've got it covered!


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Have You Voiced Your Opinion on Get Satisfaction Lately?

We’ve mentioned before that we’re looking for Get Satisfaction Champions. A great way to shine and be noticed as one is by participating in one of our “Who Do YOU? Recommend” threads.

Two of our current threads are asking about recommendations for poll widgets and calendar widgets.

Do you have any you’d recommend? If so, head over to Get Satisfaction and speak your mind! You might become a Get Satisfaction Champion and win yourself some free TypePad time and a Marc Johns SAY Media shirt!

Weekend Project: Setting up Shop

Yesterday, we announced that we're looking for independent retailers to list in the TypePad Shop. We will launch the shop just before Thanksgiving so if you want to be included before the holiday rush, be sure to submit your shop soon.

You don't have a shop? No worries! You have a whole slew of options for places to sell your goods online. Whatever it is that you want to sell, there's likely a great place to sell it.

For the crafters and artists, there's Etsy, an extremely popular (and very enticing to the shopaholics) marketplace where artists sell everything from handmade fashion to woodworking. Etsy makes it super easy to get started with their site - you can read the basics here.

Once you have your Etsy shop set up and ready for business, you'll want to make it easy for your readers and followers to find. You have two options: a widget in your sidebar with images and links for your items or you can embed your shop in a Page as part of your blog. We have a full overview with instructions for both methods in our Knowledge Base.

Another great place for artists is bigcartel. You can create your own custom marketplace with their easy to use interface and take orders and payments directly from the site. Your store is hosted on their site so there's nothing to install or set up. They even have a free level if you only have a few items to sell.

Bigcartel doesn't have a widget feature just yet but their shops have RSS feeds, which you can display in your blog's sidebar with the Your Feeds feature. You could also link directly to your shop in your blog's navigation bar or in a sidebar using a Links TypeList.

If you'd like to take payment a little more directly, PayPal is a good option. If you just have one or two items to sell, like ebooks or music, you can create a Page on your blog and add a PayPal payment button. We have tips for including custom code via the Compose editor here.

PayPal also offers a storefront widget, which you can display in your blog's sidebar. It's very quick to set up and allows visitors to select items directly from the widget.

Do you have a favorite way to sell stuff online? Share it in the comments! And don't forget to submit your info to the TypePad Shop!

Laid Off Dad

NAME: Doug French
BLOG: Laid-Off Dad
WHY WE THINK LAID-OFF DAD ROCKS: Doug French is a writer and single dad who began writing Laid-Off Dad in June 2003, after losing his job when his first son was 15 months old. Since then, he has landed a full-time gig, contributed essays to several blogs and books, had a second son, became a single dad, launched a successful freelance career, created the Dad 2.0 Summit, and most recently, has moved from Manhattan to Ann Arbor. In the midst of it all, he keeps his readers captivated and entertained by the day to day life of a (not so) Laid-Off Dad.


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Who's The Mummy?

NAME: Sally Whittle
BLOG: Who's The Mummy?
WHY WE THINK WHO'S THE MUMMY? ROCKS: Who’s the Mummy? is the true story of the life of Sally (freelance journalist, blogger and trainer) and her fantastic daughter Flea. With engaging, thoughtful posts on parenting (her own six year old and in general), daily life, travel, health, and just about everything else you can think of, Who's the Mummy? bursts the stereotypical mommy blog bubble to provide charming anecdotes, fantastic photos and slices of the sweet life in Lancashire.


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