Profile Week: Share Your Blogs and Social Media Accounts
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Profile Week: Add the Follow Module to Your Blog

Now that you've customized your Profile, it's time to add a link to it on your blog so friends and readers can follow you. Followers will see your recent activity on their own TypePad Dashboards, so making your Profile easy to find is a simple but effective way to share your content.

To enable the Follow module in a Basic template, just go to Blogs > Design > Content and look for Follow Me under the Modules heading at the top. When you click "Add This Module," you'll be able to choose whether or not you want to show your follower and following counts.


We suggest placing the module near the top of your sidebar so it's easy to find. Below is an example of how the module looks on a real blog.

Follow module

We hope you've enjoyed our series on using and customizing your TypePad Profile!

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