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Weekend Project: Setting up Shop

Yesterday, we announced that we're looking for independent retailers to list in the TypePad Shop. We will launch the shop just before Thanksgiving so if you want to be included before the holiday rush, be sure to submit your shop soon.

You don't have a shop? No worries! You have a whole slew of options for places to sell your goods online. Whatever it is that you want to sell, there's likely a great place to sell it.

For the crafters and artists, there's Etsy, an extremely popular (and very enticing to the shopaholics) marketplace where artists sell everything from handmade fashion to woodworking. Etsy makes it super easy to get started with their site - you can read the basics here.

Once you have your Etsy shop set up and ready for business, you'll want to make it easy for your readers and followers to find. You have two options: a widget in your sidebar with images and links for your items or you can embed your shop in a Page as part of your blog. We have a full overview with instructions for both methods in our Knowledge Base.

Another great place for artists is bigcartel. You can create your own custom marketplace with their easy to use interface and take orders and payments directly from the site. Your store is hosted on their site so there's nothing to install or set up. They even have a free level if you only have a few items to sell.

Bigcartel doesn't have a widget feature just yet but their shops have RSS feeds, which you can display in your blog's sidebar with the Your Feeds feature. You could also link directly to your shop in your blog's navigation bar or in a sidebar using a Links TypeList.

If you'd like to take payment a little more directly, PayPal is a good option. If you just have one or two items to sell, like ebooks or music, you can create a Page on your blog and add a PayPal payment button. We have tips for including custom code via the Compose editor here.

PayPal also offers a storefront widget, which you can display in your blog's sidebar. It's very quick to set up and allows visitors to select items directly from the widget.

Do you have a favorite way to sell stuff online? Share it in the comments! And don't forget to submit your info to the TypePad Shop!


Bob Cape

This is hot stuff.

c.n. cain

Wow, this is great! But I have a problem: I've just set up a couple of shops, but then got invited to participate in a craft show, so I don't have any inventory for my shops right now--will you be doing this again next year?


We're keeping the Shop open beyond the holidays, so you're welcome to submit whenever you'd like!

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