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Featured Shop: small sweet steps

small sweet stepsWe'll let Stephanie Ryan's words speak for her blog: "It is my purpose in this life to help inspire others and then in turn myself, using love and the creative arts as a means to heal our spirit and live our truth one small sweet step at a time." Her shop is full of colorful, whimsical art for kids and grown-ups, too.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Maybe he stopped by the TypePad Shop?


NAME: Jenny B Harris
BLOG: Allsorts
WHY WE THINK ALLSORTS ROCKS: Children's book editor and artsy crafter Jenny B Harris has created a magical wonderland that is fantastic in both content and design. On any given day, Jenny brings her readers big ideas, free patterns, and crafty tutorials on everything from sewing to crafting to cooking, and everything in between. With themed monthly design updates keeping things fresh and interesting, we find Allsorts absolutely delightful.


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Simple Girl, Great Blog


Catherine was looking for a platform to share her thoughts and ideas with others and decided to start her blog, Simple Girl, on TypePad. However, she needed some help with getting the blog up and running, so she signed up for a Power Launch Service. We worked with her to set up her own custom URL and subscription and sharing tools for the blog, streamlined the blog navigation and sidebar, and set up other recommended TypePad features. Finally, we created a new banner image that is simple and elegant, emphasizing the theme of her blog - something that's very important in design and branding.

Ready to start a blog but not sure what you need to do? Or just need some extra help setting everything up? Check out our Power Launch Service. And don't forget to visit Simple Girl to read Catherine's reflections on life.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Did You Know?: Adding the Link Within Widget

While using Categories is a great way to group similar posts, sometimes you want to add a little more oomph to your blog. An eye-catching way to do this is by using the free Link Within widget.

The Link Within widget only takes a few minutes to install.  Simply go to their website, enter your e-mail address, URL, select TypePad as your platform, and choose how many stories you'd like to show. On the next page, click the "Install Widget" button and a new window will open where you can check the box for the blog where you'd like to install the widget.

Once you've done this, Link Within will start suggesting posts that are related to each other.  At the bottom of each post, there will be links to these related posts.  If the post has an image, a thumbnail of this image will be also used.

You can see this in action on Beth Arnold's blog:


We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

Featured Shop: Botanical Paperworks

Botanical PaperworksIf you love paper, you'll love Stationery Scoop, a blog by Heidi, owner of Botanical Paperworks. Botanical Paperworks manufactures and sells seed paper - after you've enjoyed your greeting, you can plant the card and watch beautiful wildflowers, herbs or veggies grow. The products are all made from post-consumer recycled materials, so there's no waste. It doesn't get much more eco-friendly than that!

Find more fun and thoughtful gifts in the TypePad Shop!

Featured Friday Roundup: Books and Paper!

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been featuring blogs that celebrate all things paper, from the art of curating and cutting it, to the works of literature that elevate and illuminate it. We hope you've enjoyed discovering these great blogs as much as we've enjoyed showcasing them! Here's a bit of a recap - just click the image to visit the blog. And don't forget to submit your own (or your favorite) TypePad blog! If you do, it might just end up here!