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Simple Girl, Great Blog


Catherine was looking for a platform to share her thoughts and ideas with others and decided to start her blog, Simple Girl, on TypePad. However, she needed some help with getting the blog up and running, so she signed up for a Power Launch Service. We worked with her to set up her own custom URL and subscription and sharing tools for the blog, streamlined the blog navigation and sidebar, and set up other recommended TypePad features. Finally, we created a new banner image that is simple and elegant, emphasizing the theme of her blog - something that's very important in design and branding.

Ready to start a blog but not sure what you need to do? Or just need some extra help setting everything up? Check out our Power Launch Service. And don't forget to visit Simple Girl to read Catherine's reflections on life.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.


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