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Blogging with your iPad; Blogsy + TypePad Make it Happen

Giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced on February 3rd, 2012.

We've heard from many of you that blogging on TypePad from your iPad has needed improvement. Your feedback prompted us to team up with our new heroes over at Blogsy to integrate TypePad into their truly stellar iPad app. It's a great way to blog from the couch, or anywhere else, and we know you'll love the experience!

We are blown away by the dedication the Blogsy team has for creating and maintaining such a high quality app. So much so, in fact, that we're hosting a giveaway! 10 lucky TypePad users will receive Blogsy for free. All you need for a chance to win is an iPad and a little effort!

To be eligible to win a free copy of the Blogsy app, you need to Like, Tweet, Reblog, and/or Favorite this post. Once you've done that, leave a comment here to let us know about it (share the URL if available so that we can confirm your activity). In two weeks (02/02/12) we will draw the names of the winners and announce them here on the blog. note: winners' contact info will be passed to Blogsy so they can be sent the promo code.

To learn more about Blogsy, watch the introductory video below or read more after the cut. Whatever you do, make sure you get the app from the iTunes App store and revolutionize the way you blog!

Blogging from an iPad used to be riddled with limitations which made an author feel the process was too troublesome for the end result. Fomola founder, Lance Barton, recognized the need for an iPad app that gives bloggers:

  • access to a WYSIWYG interface that is rich with features found in full-suite editors
  • access to manually edit the HTML of a post (if that's your thing)
  • access to third-party image and video hosts, making it easy to drag and drop media into your posts

Lance formed a team of code heroes from which Blogsy was born.

With Blogsy you can:

  • connect to every blog in your TypePad account
  • add images and video from your iPad or third-party hosts (Flickr, Picasa, Google Images, YouTube)
  • format your post content
  • draft and publish posts (and pages!)
  • assign categories
  • manage comment settings
  • improve SEO with Keywords
  • ...and so much more!

Here's what others are saying about Blogsy...

"Blogsy finally brings quality blogging to the iPad — a device that was desperately waiting for an app like this to change the way bloggers can get things done without giving up on rich content editing, and media." Macstories

"If you’re a blogger with an iPad, then I would highly recommend picking up Blogsy. It finally makes your iPad a worthy blogging tool." AppAdvice

(Read more reviews about Blogsy!)

Read about Blogsy from Lance himself...

"Before I even got my first iPad I was looking forward to blogging with it. I thought that it would make keeping my multiple blogs up to date so much easier. So one of the first things I did...was look for a blogging app. Yes, I found a free one and a paid one...[but] the free one kept crashing and eating my posts and the paid one forced me to look at or write HTML and didn't show what the post would really look like when published. Also the UI for both were so bad that it took away from the enjoyment.

"But the biggest problem to me was that it actually took more time to create compelling posts in these apps than just doing the posts on my computer.

"I wanted an app where I would have all the content I would use to create a compelling post right in the app.

"We are all very proud of Blogsy and continue working on improving it. We love customer feedback and really enjoy helping users get the hang of Blogsy so they get as much enjoyment out of using it to post as we do.

Read more from Lance and his team at the Blogsy blog.

For more in-depth information about using Blogsy with TypePad visit our Knowledge Base. To learn more about using the Blogsy app, watch the How-To videos the Blogsy team has made available. If you have questions and/or feedback for the Blogsy team, they have requested you contact them at so that they can directly work with you to correct any issues, or discuss your feedback, with the app.

We could enumerate the many things we think makes Blogsy the best iPad blogging tool out there, but we'd rather you learn for yourself than get caught up in our excitement. Get excited for yourself and for the future blogging you'll do!


Account Deleted

Been waiting so long to be able to blog fully from iPads. Can't wait to try this out. Finally, I can see us blogging to the school website whilst out on school trips :0)


Absolutely, Simon! Blogsy is maintained by a great team, and we're all so very glad that we were able to take part in the integration of TypePad into the app. It's really going to help TypePad bloggers go the extra mile with their blog. I like to think of it as no-limit blogging. LOL

A Twitter User

Blogsy sounds great. I've tried one of their major competators and was really unhappy with the results.

I'd love to win a copy. I tweeted about this blog post. The URL for my Twitter feed is - https://twitter.com/#!/BTPBlog

Account Deleted

Just tried it out - seems very, very easy to use, and I can see a field trip, iPad, personal hotspot and an iPhone allowing us to post live from wherever quickly and easily.

One question - we're using the 'gallery' function when uploading several images to a post. Does blogsy allow that?


I had also gotten my iPad primarily to be able to blog (use typepad) while out and about without having to haul my laptop around. Unfortunately my attempts with different software lasted about a week. I was right back to my computer soon after. Will definitely be trying Blogsy, and hope it works as well as it sounds!

Sara Bozich

Too bad I returned my iPad for precisely this reason. Any work on your iPhone app? That also leaves much to be desired. I'd really like to be able to work on draft posts (that I have started on my desktop) and track stats.

Heather of Washington State, USA

I "liked" this post (FB user Heather West). However I don't know if I truly like the app because I wish it were free... I already pay Typepad a monthly fee and feel the app should be included in that cost.

Simona Carini

This sounds really nice, thanks! I tweeted and liked the post on FB. The urls are on my TypePad account page http://profile.typepad.com/pulcetta


The gallery image feature is unique to the beta editor via various scripts and CSS. That feature is not something that can be controlled/setup via third-party access through the TypePad API, which is what Blogsy uses to send/receive post content.


The mobile app is on our radar this year for improvements. We definitely agree that it needs an overhaul.


Hi Heather. The app was not created by TypePad; it was created by a third-party company who integrated TypePad into their existing app.

Blogsy costs $4.99 USD, but we believe it's worth every penny--both because of the quality of the app and because the team behind Blogsy deserves to be compensated for their (continuous) hard work.

I, personally, helped the Blogsy team during the beta testing of the TypePad integration, so I've spent a LOT of time with the app. I can say, without hesitation, that it's the easiest blogging solution I've tried outside of working directly in TypePad.

Good luck in the giveaway!


Hi Bryt! I hope you take advantage of the giveaway to try and win Blogsy. If you don't end up winning a promo code, we still 100% believe the app is worth the one-time $4.99 cost. Definitely have a feeling it'll be something you'll end up using throughout the life of your TypePad account. :D


Good luck!


Good luck, Simona!


Nice! So exciting! Can't wait to try it out! :)


Yay! I re-blogged your post to ediblebliss.typepad.com/Loretta - i would love a copy! Maybe it's my lucky day!

Tired Mama

I liked this on Facebook, please enter me in the draw! Here's hoping I win. I was just writing a post this morning on my iPad and had to email it to myself, and then copy and paste it into TypePad when I got home. This looks like it would make life sooo much easier! Thanks!

Account Deleted

I thought it would be hard to put Beta features into an external app. Nevermind - the rest of it works very well.

Pat MacKay

I am sincerely hoping that you bring Typepad back up to speed. I've been trying to get wordpress to work...because they have more features. But just not as good as Typepad should be...


Lori Seaborg

Sooooooo glad to hear that. This was the one issue that was about to be a breaking point for me with Typepad...since I post time-sensitive deals, I really needed to be able to post on the go. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/justpurelovely/status/161277745555447808

Laura McClellan

Fabulous. I tweeted this right away. Would love to be able to blog from my iPad! Don't know how to get the url for the post, but I'm on Twitter as @LauraMcMom.


ina archer

I so glad to hear it--when I got my IPAD my excuse was that I could now really keep up in my film and horror blogs...imagine my chagrin as I struggled along. Looking forward to the app!

Jan Farring

This will be SO nice! Planned to blog on my recent trip to Texas for the Stampin' Up Leadership Conference and wasn't able to - now hopefully this will be the solution - Favorited and Tweeted @janinpb

Account Deleted

Nice work TypePad! Looking forward to giving this a go.


At last! I've waited 18 months for this. iPad and Typepad should be a perfect partnership.


Oh, looking wayyyyy forward to trying this out! I have liked it, favorited it, and Tweeted it (although my Twitter account is private, but I would love for you guys to follow me @kapgar so I can contact you that way). Perhaps I'll reblog it too in another day or so. I'll let you know.

Paul R. Pival

Please throw me into the entry pool - twitter post is at https://twitter.com/#!/ppival/status/162662381133103104

Vera H.

I'm an impatient sort, so I downloaded the app. I'll give it a whirl.


It should work for us blogging using i phone I presume.
thanks anyway.

Heidi Reimer-Epp

I've started using Blogsy but am concerned about all of the additional code that Blogsy adds to every post.

Overall, the app works okay but is missing too many features to allow us to replace the browser experience with an iPad.

I look forward to future enhancements.

Courtney Brebán

I would love to win this app. I just liked your post on Facebook. My page is http://Facebook.com/ cabreban

Courtney Brebán

I +1 at centsablelady

Courtney Brebán

I just tweeted @centsablelady using your tweet button

Courtney Brebán

I favorited your post if that is even a word. I would love to win. I just relaunched my blog: http://www.centsablelady.com I have been eyeing the blogsy app but I am trying to limit my expenses for the blog to strive towards sustainability

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