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Did You Know?: Your TypePad Profile

One of the best ways to get yourself seen is by using your TypePad profile when you make comments on your own and other people’s blogs. Your profile lets people see all kinds of information about you at a glance – your recent activity, your blogs and sites, and every where you are around the web, along with much more.



It’s simple to edit your profile. Once you’re logged into TypePad, click your name in the top navigation and then the “Edit Your Profile” link on the Profile page. You can also get to it directly here.

When viewing the edit profile screen, you’ll see the various sections you can edit. For instance, you can upload an image from your computer to show readers a profile shot of you, your company logo, or a generic image if you want to retain some anonymity.  You can also set your location, change your profile URL if you'd prefer a different one, add your interests, and select which of your TypePad blogs are displayed under your Recent Activity. We recommend making sure the “Show the Recent Activity module” option is checked so that you can showcase all of your blog posts.

Most people are online other places too like Facebook and Twitter, so you can use the Other Accounts option to link to these and other sites and then highlight this on your profile.  We've got more information on how to add these sites.

You can read even more on updating your TypePad profile in our Knowledge Base.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

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