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Taking Flight: A New Way to Edit Images in TypePad

We're happy to announce a significant new feature based on your feedback and built with a great new partner. Over the past several months, we have been developing, testing and tweaking a new image editing tool with our friends at Aviary. Today we're happy to announce it's ready for public beta. Read on to learn more about this great new addition to Typepad and to find out how you can get immediate access to it.

We've partnered with Aviary to integrate their image editing tools directly in TypePad. After you insert an image into your post, you can double-click on the image to open the Aviary editing tools. You'll be able to crop, rotate, add text, and make a dozen other edits to your images directly from within TypePad.

You can add text directly to your images as shown above. The added text can easily be resized and rotated to fit your image as well.

One of the most requested features is the ability to easily add captions to photos. With the new editor, you can now add captions!

You can also rotate images directly within TypePad. If you frequently use both horizontal and vertical oriented images, you'll find it so much easier to rotate your images to the correct orientation from within TypePad.

Aviary offers fun tools to apply filters to your photos and decorate photos of your pets with hats and mustaches using the stickers tool.

Check out the Knowledge Base article on the new image editing tools to see all the available editing options.

Additionally, the update to TypePad has introduced new changes to the editor that will make it compliant with Internet Explorer 9. When you are using TypePad beta, you won't need to use compatibility mode to make the Rich Text editor work in this browser any longer.

What does beta mean? The new edit image tools are still in beta because we are still developing the feature. With the features in beta, you may run in to some quirks or errors when inserting and editing images. The best way to test a new feature is to allow TypePad bloggers to use it and let us know if you encounter any problems. While we have being trying to break the new features ourselves, in order to resolve any bugs, for the past several months, TypePad bloggers utilize our blogging tools in ways we can't even imagine. Your feedback is what is going to help us to optimize the image editing tools for you.

To try out the new insert image and edit image tools, you can join the TypePad beta team. Go to Account > Summary, check the box next to Join the TypePad Beta Team, and click Save Changes.

You can opt out of TypePad beta any time. Any images added to your post using the new image editing tools will remain the same if you do decide to opt of beta.

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