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Take a stand against SOPA

Many of you in the TypePad community have reached out to ask about our stance in regards to SOPA. In short, we at TypePad believe in intellectual property rights but not in one-sided legislation that promotes censorship without recourse. As such, we do not support the SOPA and PIPA legislation as currently written. We encourage you to form your own opinions and, as always, to express them on your TypePad blog.

If you're interested in learning more about SOPA, How Stuff Works has a great, easy to understand article. If you'd like to take a stand against SOPA, go here. The SOPA Strike site has a script you can use to black out your site here, which can be added to your blog using the "Embed your own HTML" module.

No matter how you feel about SOPA or PIPA, now is a great time to remind ourselves that our representatives in Washington DC are just that, our representatives. So stand up, speak up and be heard! Contact your Rep or Senator today.

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