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Chez Larsson

Announcing The Pin It Button on TypePad!

Pinterest is a "virtual pinboard" that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Whether you're planning a wedding, remodeling a home, looking for new recipes to try, or simply want to collect and share the things you find inspiring, Pinterest is a fun and easy way to do it. Unfamiliar with how Pinterest works? Read more here!

Over the past few weeks, many of you have reached out via our GetSatisfaction forum, help tickets, Twitter and Facebook to let us know how important it is for you to have a Pinterest button integrated into your blog footer, and we agreed! Our team got to work building a Pinterest button into the TypePad interface (something that no other blogging service currently has), even hacking Pinterest's original browser button to make sure that it would be the perfect fit for TypePad bloggers and their readers. Today, we can proudly announce that it's here!

To add the Pin In button to your posts in Basic Templates, go to your Dashboard, and click to Design > Content. Click the Post Footer link, tick the Pinterest box, click OK, and save your changes. That's it!


Advanced Template user? Just click here for instructions on how to add Pinterest's own button to your blog.

Why should you add the Pin It button to your blog footer? The short answer is clicks. Pinterest may be the new kid on the social media block, but it really packs a punch, generating more referral traffic to blogs than YouTube, Google +, and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest can also help build community on your blog, giving you a new way to interact with your readers.


Now we're on Pinterest, too! TypePad boasts some of the most visually stunning, gorgeous and compelling blogs on the Internet, and we're very excited to have a new way to celebrate and promote our bloggers. You can find us on Pinterest right here. Interested in following us to see what's beautiful on TypePad blogs? Click the button:

Follow Me on Pinterest

We're so excited to make the Pin It button available to our bloggers and their readers, and we hope you're just as excited as we are! As with everything we do, we're planning on making the Pin It button even better over time. Our bloggers never stop improving, and neither do we!

Are you on Pinterest? Drop your link in the comments - we'd love to follow along!


Kyle Scott

pretty cool, but looks like the pin reverts back to home page, not individual post page, yes?

The Typepad Team

Hi Kyle!

Currently if you pin from the Permalink, it will link back there, but we're working on getting it to reference the Permalink from the main page. Our primary focus was getting a working, great looking button out for everyone, and now we can make the small tweaks that need to be made!

Lisa Westervelt

Thank you! The Pin It button is the one I most wanted!

jeff reine

Just to be super clear. This is a Pinterest limitation that we're trying to work around.


Thank you!!! I look forward to the permalink bit but I'm still thrilled!

Jennifer Pebbles

Thank you so much for working quickly to get this implemented!! Much, much appreciated- now I can make an effort to get back to my blog!!!

Tara Bradford

Really, Typepad? Are you aware of the copyright issues of people pinning our work, without permission? I do not want my original photos and content pinned on Pinterest, yet hundreds of my images have been pinned there. Why are you encouraging using people's original content to make money for Pinterest, with no compensation to the intellectual property holder??!!


Hi Tara,

The button is for people to add to their own blogs so that they can specifically allow people to pin the things that they post to their blogs. We added the button after many of our users requested it, and we don't see any problem at all with a blogger who wants to allow people to pin their work, and specifically promotes it. The button does not in any way make it easier for people to pin your original photos. As a matter of fact, the Pinmarklet actually does this.

I understand if you have a problem with Pinterest specifically. In fact, if you don't want people to be able to Pin things that you post to your blog, I would suggest adding a "no pin" meta tag script to your sidebar using the Embed Your Own HTML module.

This will pop up an error whenever someone tries to use the Pinmarklet to pin from your blog.

I hope you can understand the difference, and that we are absolutely not promoting copyright violation. We're giving bloggers who want their work to be pinned the ability to promote it that way. I hope the code I provided helps! If you need help installing it on your blog, just open a help ticket.

Tara Bradford

Melanie, I do understand that many bloggers may want people to pin the things they post. But many photographers do not, particularly as our original images often are pinned without credit and we have no control over how they're used on Pinterest. I urge all Pinterest users to read the terms of service and understand the potential serious legal repercussions for pinning other people's original content on Pinterest.

As site owners, we should not have to place code on our sites as a protective measure to stop people from pinning our images on Pinterest. If we are required to put code for every site we don't want affiliated with our work, then where does this madness end??!! Pinterest should be responsible for building its own internal code to prevent copyright violation, without forcing non-Pinterest users to take defensive measures.


Hi Tara,

As a photographer myself, I understand concerns over copyright, and I completely agree that Pinterest could have better copyright violation prevention in place. Since the service is still in Beta, perhaps this is something they're working on.

At the moment, I do know that you can request that your work be removed from Pinterest, and they'll take it down - no questions asked. In the meant time, the meta tag works just great, so I'm glad to see that you were able to get it working on your blog.

Roger Sharp

At the mo the Pin It button registers images and YouTube videos but not Vimeo? Any ideas?

Michael Leo

Hi Sharpy,
That's a Pinterest limitation. While we did implement our own Pin It button, the core experience that you see once you click the Pin It button (i.e. the grid of images/videos) is powered by Pinterest. You'll see the same thing if you use the Pinmarklet. Hopefully the Pinterest team is working on Vimeo support but at the moment this is the only thing I can find about video pinning...



Thank you for making this new nightmare optional. I truly appreciate that.

However, having to go find code to add to my layout in the hopes that it will stop those Pinterest people from stealing my content does not make me happy. That site is just one more way for people to steal what we blog. Just like trumblr and reblogging does. Not to mention the random people who show up to steal our images with or without hotlinking. What about protecting your bloggers from content theft? Or image theft? Is there any hope for those us who don't run from one social media gimmick to the next?


I adore Pinterest - I have been introduced to so many amazing designers, artists, writers and project ideas. Great community!

My personal Pinterest is:

My business uses it to share home design inspiration and DIY projects to great effect:

Roger Sharp

Thanks for the swift response. Hope they get up to speed soon!


Hi Cookie -

We understand your concerns and we appreciate that you want to protect your content. However, I want to make sure that it's clear that protecting your content is ultimately up to you - we're the hosting provider, you're the content creator. Basically, if you don't want people to have access to your content for re-use, the only way to make 100% sure that doesn't happen is to not put it online.

We know that Pinterest isn't perfect. As Melanie mentioned, it's a beta service and we're sure they're working out a lot of kinks. We're not affiliated with them in any way, so we're not privy to the goings-on there. However, we think it's a great way to share photos, ideas and beautiful things in a central way - the same way that people share text on Twitter or images on Flickr. It's just another way to get eyes on great content.

I would encourage you to reach out to Pinterest with your concerns. We heard a HUGE amount of feedback that our users wanted a Pin button so we provided that. If you have issues with the Pinterest service itself, they'd be better able to help you there.


Amy H

Thank you. I will have to try it out asap!

Megan Morrison

Thanks very much ..... this is so very appreciated!!

Moira McLaughlin

Thank you, TypePad (and Melanie). This is terrific. I appreciate you guys being out front on this. Cheers!

George Weir

I cannot believe, well I guess I can, that TypePad is addressing the, real and valid, concerns of photographers over copyright infringement by pulling out the lame, tired and completely unacceptable excuse that protecting our content is ultimately up to us.
Granted it is, yet when I have to spend additional time and effort to protect my work I am a little more than miffed.
"No pin" meta script should be the default and those who wish to give their work away for free while further devaluing professional photography can do the extra work adding script which in essence says "Pin-me-take-me-and-oh-by-the-way-no-need-to-pay-me"
To say that I am upset with TypePad is an understatement.

George Weir

Proud Bangladeshi

I am using & loving it!
check me out on pinterest at

Sharon Harnist

Thanks so much for adding this capability! I'm on Pinterest at:

jeff reine

George, your point is well taken. We can look into integrating some tools for you and others like you who seek to promote and protect their IP. What tools do you currently use? Attributor? TinEye? Perhaps you could start up a thread over at our forum and we can start a list of great tools to integrate into Typepad?!

We prioritize our product roadmap based on user demand... the Pin It button was in very high demand, but that's not to say we can't also look at tools that help you monitor and control content distribution.


Marc Johns

Hey Typepad Team, thanks SO much for adding this! I'm a fan of Pinterest, so I am thrilled that you've made this happen. I was about to request it, but you beat me to the punch.

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