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Blogsy App Winners!

Yesterday the Blogsy app giveaway ended. Between the entries across Facebook, Twitter and TypePad, we have a better idea of how much TypePad users wanted a solution for blogging with their iPad. We're very glad that we could work with the Blogsy team to make that happen!

Now for what you really want to know... 

The winners of the Blogsy app giveaway are: 

We will be passing along the winner's contact information to the Blogsy team so that they can be sent their free promo code for the Blogsy app.

Congratulations to the winners! Anyone else wanting to blog from their iPad to their TypePad should download Blogsy from the iTunes store.


Between The Pages Blog

THANKS!!! I can't wait to give Blogsy a try.


YAY! You've made my day! Thanks a bunch, Typepad and Blogsy - I can't wait to give it a whirl!

Simona Carini

Thank you! I am looking forward to trying Blogsy.

Account Deleted

Brilliant! Blogging on the go from school trips via the iPad can now happen.
Thanks everyone :o)

Tired Mama

Yippee! Thank you! This will make things so much easier! I'm looking forward to using it!

Arianna Blackburn

i wish i had an ipad

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