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Did You Know?: Enabling the Full Editor

Most of you probably use our Rich Text Editor's many options to compose your posts in TypePad. Perhaps, though, you don't see all of these options.  Maybe you had them all at one time, but now you don't.

While some older web browsers don't support these options, in many cases, you don't see them any longer because you've switched to the Lite Editor.  While the Lite Editor is great for slower computers and still has functions like inserting images and links, we do recommend that you use our Full Editor.

To switch from the Lite Editor to the Full Editor (or vice versa), just look for the option under your Compose post box and click the link:


That's all there is to it!  Now you can have even more options when creating your post!

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!



Unfortunately, with all the things I want to do with a post, I have to switch it to the HTML editor.

Also, when I'm traveling, writing posts on TypePad is HTML only. Please allow a way to upload photos from the iPad. Before you suggest the iPhone application, have you used this? It's not good.


The full editor is great. I can do most of what I need there...there are many color options, fonts, sizes. And, when I can't because of some extra special effect I want to add in, I just switch over to html. I like that you leave both options.

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Thanks for this, but it would be amazing if you added an "Undo" and a "Redo" button. Most rich text editors have these. If I make a mistake (or a series of them) and want to revert back, I'm basically screwed. It's a serious pain.

A few other common additions that'd be nice to have: Table button, Insert Horizontal Line button, and Insert Anchor for using anchor links.

jeff reine

You may want to check out Blogsy, a great native iPad blog editor that just integrated Typepad with our support. http://everything.typepad.com/blog/2012/01/blogging-with-your-ipad-blogsy-typepad-make-it-happen.html


I've been enjoying the full editor since it was made available-and think it works great! And like the commenter above-I'm glad you have the html tab available too : )


Have you tried keying Ctrl+z for undo or Ctrl+y for redo? Most browsers support these shortcut keys or you can go directly to the Edit menu in your browser and select the Undo and Redo options.

We'll look into adding the other options in the future.

(Windows Live Writer has a table tool built if you are looking for a desktop editor and create a lot of tables.)

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