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The New and Improved Dashboard

We've recently made some changes to the Dashboard that our Beta Team users are now seeing.  We'll be releasing these options to everyone soon, but here's a preview of what we've added.



New Quick Posting Options
We've brought together the best of the quick posting types that were previously available for general and beta users.

You now have the following options:

  • Quick post: This will quickly let you share a thought straight from the TypePad dashboard
  • Photo post: You can easily share any image with your readers and add commentary. This gives you the ability to share an image either by uploading it or by supplying its URL if it is hosted elsewhere.  We've also increased the number of supported sites for auto-discovery, so you can enter the URL of the page where the image is located and have the image returned.
  • Video post: It's easy to share a video with your readers with this function. We've also enhanced support for more video sites and given you a preview capability so you can see what video you are sharing before you publish your post.
  • Share: With this you can enter any URL on the Internet, choose the part of the web page you'd like to share in your post, and add commentary.

If these options aren't for you, as always, you can jump to composing a new post using the Compose link or by using the "Write a full post" link included next to the quick posting options. 

Improved "Recent Activity" stream
In addition to fixing some issues, we've made content from the people you follow more prominent in the activity stream. It's now easier to scan through the content and get a sense of what a post is all about before clicking through.

If you'd like to see these features before we release them, make sure to join our Beta Team! You'll be the first to get to try out new TypePad features and give us your feedback on them to make them even better!



I used it to post the ConceptBoard homepage.


seriously? the dashboard now is flash-based when all of the world moves away from flash? and i have to click through my flash-blocker every single time? not a good design decision at all.

Tifanie Chaney

ummm my blogs just disappeared completely off my dashboard. what's going on???


My design will not edit! Arghh! The preview looks great, but when I apply the new design to the blog, it reverts back to the original design! Anyone have a fix?


Sounds really cool. It would be nice if we could type a title as well, though.


Yes sounds cool and i cant wait for it! :)

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