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Did You Know?: Explaining the Full Editor

Last time, we helped you enable the Full Editor on the Compose page, so this time we want to explain some of the icons that you might not use as often.


The Split Extended Entry feature allows you to display an intro on your main page, with the remainder of the post on the post's Permalink page. Your reader would click a link at the end of your intro on the main page to continue reading the post. Information on setting up the Extended Post is available here.


When composing, it may be easier for you to write if you can use more space than what's available in the Body section of the Compose page. If so, you can use the Full Screen option to expand the Body section to use your entire screen.


When you have an unexpected computer crash or your browser closes, you can use the Restore Auto-Save Content button in the Rich Text editor to recover the content of the text fields from the last time you were on the Compose page. We have more information on this here.


Perhaps you applied some formatting options (like changing the font or color) to your text but you decide you don't like how it looks.  If so, you can highlight the text and click the Remove Formatting option. This will strip any of the previously selected text formatting.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!


Trudy's Trial & Triumph

I am so new at this. I think I need a blogging dictionary to help with the terms. I will keep trying. Thank you for your help.

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