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Why upgrade to the TypePad Pro Unlimited plan?

How do you Get Satisfaction? By joining the TypePad forum!


You know all about TypePad's Help Ticket system and our fantastic Knowledge Base, but have you visited our Get Satisfaction forum lately? Those in the know use the forum on a regular basis to ask questions, give answers, and participate in great conversations with other TypePad bloggers and the TypePad team!

As a TypePad blogger, you have some unique skills, and the forum needs you! We welcome your opinions, tips, and recommendations for blogging with TypePad. Have you done something spectacular with your design or made just the right tweak to your sidebar? It might be just the thing that someone else is looking to do. Want to ask a question or start a discussion? The forum is a great place to do that, too.

If you're looking for active conversations to participate in, we've got a couple of great ones for you, like this discussion about how Android users blog on TypePad, and this one, about the new Pinterest button! We'd love to see you there - talking to your fellow bloggers about how they're using TypePad's awesome features can help you get creative with your own blog.

So come on, dig in! If the TypePad team spots you being particularly helpful in the forum, we’ll even make you an official TypePad Champ! We'll add a sweet badge to your avatar, but that's not all - you'll also receive some free service time and a Marc Johns t-shirt.

Being helpful could consist of answering someone’s question before the TypePad Team has a chance to, starting a topic to give people great ideas to use on their own blogs - or anything else that we consider spectacular, like Meighan's search bar suggestions and Simon's mobile auto-detection solution!

We really do think of TypePad as a community, and we strive every day to make this a great place for all of our bloggers. The Get Satisfaction forum is a big part of that, and we'd love to hang out there with you too!


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