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Introducing Chunky, a new theme from Typepad

Chunky - a Typography theme

Today we're introducing Chunky, a fantastic new theme by TypePad that's based on beautiful typography. Like our previously released themes over the last several months, Chunky has been designed with your content in mind. With a minimal design, and a refreshing lack of graphics, Chunky is ideal for a wide range of blogs.

Here's why we think Chunky could be your new favorite theme:

  • Loads super quick since the design is text-based!
  • Displays large images beautifully.
  • Enhanced mobile viewing for folks on the go.
  • Features an extra clean, beautifully minimal design with lots of white space.
  • Showcases stunning fonts, suitable for a wide range of blog types and content.
  • Using a single column layout? Your blog footer is customizable and ready for content.

So, if you want a design that complements your content, go to Design > Choose A Theme and apply the Chunky theme today!


liza cowan

I've never changed themes. How can I try it but save my "real" theme...just in case.

thanks. Love the font.


Your previously applied themes are automatically saved, and you can see (and apply) them at any time if you scroll to the bottom of the Design page at Blog > Design.

To choose a new theme, click the "Choose a theme" button on the same Design page, then select and apply the theme you want your blog to have. You can preview your theme before applying it if you want!

We have more information on this topic in our Knowledge Base, which you can find here: http://help.typepad.com/choose_theme.html

Simona Carini

Love it! In fact, I am using it right now. The only thing is that I lost my customized header when I changed theme. Not a huge deal, but if it can be avoided, it would be great. Thanks!


Hi Simona! I love that you've already applied the new theme. :)

The Chunky theme doesn't use a banner image in its design, so when you applied it the new theme overrode the previous design (Mosaic with your custom banner image).

You can switch back to your previous design (at Design > Actions > Apply) if you want to keep using the custom banner image, or you can upgrade your account to the Pro-Unlimited plan to make use of the Custom CSS feature so that you can add a banner image to the Chunky theme.

Simona Carini

Thank you Brianna for your answer. As I am fixing the problem, I realized I did not describe it properly. I lost my setting in Navigation Bar (I had some additional links) and the Post footer. Again, not a big deal to add them in, but I was not expect it. There is no going back: this theme today matches my mood :)


You're making my day, Simona! :D


Hi, sounds good I will keep it mind.

Account Deleted

I like it bunches. It's fresh and modern-looking. I've been 'cleaning house' on my blog today and I'm quite happy with the results so far!

Roger Sharp

Loving it!
Simple is best in these mobile friendly times!

Alex Sirota

Hey you stole my idea! I modified the Asterisk theme to be like Chunky a few years back for NewPathConsulting.com -- Chunky rocks!

Rob Tannen

Is Chunky broken now? I had applied and now its not working and no longer appears on the available themes?


Hi Rob! There was a glitch, but we got that fixed up yesterday. :)

Roger Sharp

Glitch not totally fixed, Chunky is looking fine on desktops but on iPad and iPhone my sidebars have vanished. I'm using one column design with sidebars at bottom and they is mos def not there at the mo on iDevices...

Melting Mama

CHUNKY Sidebars do not load on mobile.


What you're seeing is not a glitch. On mobile and tablet devices, the sidebar content does not load on purpose. It's an optimized and streamlined approach to provide only the blog content. That display is one of the features of the Chunky theme.


Hello! The Chunky theme is optimized for mobile and tablet viewing, where the sidebars are not available for view. The focus is on the blog content, so the display is streamlined to only the blog posts for those devices. Hope this helps!

Roger Sharp

Aaaaaah got ya! Makes sense. Might want to make it a bit clearer what 'enhanced mobile viewing' entails to avoid confusion!
Diggin the theme though, good work you lot.

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