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Why upgrade to the TypePad Pro Unlimited plan?

If you aren't using the features of TypePad's Pro Unlimited plan, you're missing out on the ability to completely customize your blog's design.

Our favorite feature of the Unlimited plan is Custom CSS. Even if you are not familiar with cascading style sheets (CSS), we provide you with the specific code you need in the Knowledge Base and weekend project posts.

With the new Clean Theme, we also released the style guide which includes dozens of design tips specifically for the new themes. The CSS code needed is provided for you and can be easily added to your blog at Design > Custom CSS.

We have tips on using Custom CSS to style the sidebar module headers, customize the default font in your posts, increase the column widths, center the banner image, and much more.

If you're looking to customize your design and can't find the CSS necessary in our documentation, post to the TypePad forum with your request and the TypePad community and support team will help you with the code.

Other features available with the Unlimited plan:

Ready to upgrade? Go to Account > Billing Info > Upgrade or Downgrade. For the first 50 people who upgrade, we're offering you a 20% discount. After upgrading to Unlimited, go to Account > Billing Info > Update Payment Method and enter the UNLIMITED2012 code to receive a 20% lifetime discount on the Unlimited plan.


David Ewart

I have really appreciated the new Clean design with all of the sample CSS code examples provided that I have been able to modify for my own design.

I know nothing about CSS, but I can follow the instructions for copying and modifying.

One more example I'd like you to add to the style guide is how to modify the font for the Post Title: font family, style, weight, and colour. Including - if this can be done - all the variations for this as a link.

Account Deleted

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