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Introducing the Advanced Tune-Up Services

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new Advanced Tune-Up Services. There are two Advanced Tune-Ups, the Design Consultation and the SEO Service. We've had a great response to our basic Tune-Up Service from customers, but many of you mentioned that you would be interested in getting additional help with optimzing your blog designs and with SEO. In response to this feedback, we created these two new services.

Both the Design Consultation and the SEO Service build on the work that was done during the basic Blog Tune-Up, and we recommend either of these Advanced Tune-Ups for customers who have already done a Tune-Up Service or who have implemented the recommendations of the Tune-Up on their own. Not sure if an Advanced Tune-Up is right for you? Contact us and we'll give your blog a quick review and let you know.

We're very excited about the Design Consultation and the SEO Service and we think you will be too. Learn more then sign up today!


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