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Display Recent Tweets On Your Blog

TypePad recently added a customization option for when you to share your posts to Twitter, but what if you want to display your recent tweets on your blog?

By adding one of the many Twitter widgets to your blog's sidebar, you can display your recent tweets along side your blog posts.

We recommend the official Twitter widget as it is easy to customize and add to your blog. If you prefer a different style, you can do an online search for other widgets, like TwitStamp.

To configure the Twitter widget, go to:

Under Settings, enter your Twitter handle. At anytime you can click the Test Settings button to see how your widget will appear.

Under Preferences and Appearance, you can set the number of tweets you want to display and the colors of your widget.

Under Dimensions, we recommend selecting the auto width option. The auto width setting will allow the widget to fit any width sidebar, and the widget will adjust if you change the sidebar width after adding the widget.

Configure Recent Tweets Widget

(click to view full page)

After you complete the configuration of your widget, click the Finish & Grab Code button and copy the code provided. If you use a different widget, you'll also need to copy the code for it. The code will then need to be added to your TypePad blog.

In TypePad, go to Design > Content. For most designs, you can select the Embed Your Own HTML module, click Add This Module, paste in the code, and click OK. (more info) If you don't have the Embed Your Own HTML module option because you are using a Mixed Media Layout, you can create a Notes type of TypeList and add the code to a TypeList item. Then, you'll add the TypeList to your blog at Design > Content. (more info) After rearranging the sidebar content, click Save Changes to update your blog.

If you prefer to add a simple Twitter Follow button to your sidebar, instead of the recent tweets widget, you can configure the Twitter button at and copy the code. The code for the Follow button can be added to your blog's sidebar using the Embed Your Own HTML module or a Notes TypeList. Like the recent tweets widget, you can do an online search for a wider variety of Twitter follow buttons to add to your blog.

Aviary Image Editing Tools Available For All!

Back in January, we released a new image editor powered by Aviary to our Beta Team.  With it, you can easily add captions, filters, stickers and borders to your images. You can even rotate them in different directions and much more.

The image editor hard at work.

Based on the feedback we received from the Beta team, we're ready to begin rolling out the new image editor to all users over the next few weeks. When the editor is rolled out to your account you'll be able to hover over the image and see a prompt to double-click it to begin making edits.

In addition to being able to edit your images with these new tools, you'll also have the option to add a thumbnail gallery.

To find out more about the Aviary-powered image editor and the thumbnail gallery, check out the Knowledge Base article.

If you're having any problems with the new editor, don't panic!  If you're using Internet Explorer 9, you need to make sure that you have not enabled compatibility mode.  Compatibility mode and the new editor are not compatible.

To turn Compatibility View off, click the Compatibility View button in your address bar to make the icon change from a solid blue color to an outline like this:Picture of the Compatibility View button (off)

Microsoft also has more information about the compatibility view option in Internet Explorer.

We recommend that all Internet Explorer 9 users clear their cookies and cache after making sure compatibility mode is disabled.  We have more information on how to do this in the Knowledge Base.

We hope you'll try out all the new features and see how they can make blogging easier and more fun for you!

Featured Blog: Riff Raf

NAME: Richard Fulco
BLOG: Riff Raf
WHY WE THINK RIFF RAF ROCKS: When a blogger knows his subject intimately, his blog is bound to be great, and Riff Raf is a fantastic example of that. Writer and teacher Richard Fulco writes plays and prose from his home in Brooklyn, but before that, he wrote songs for the many bands he played in. Some of those songs were performed at legendary New York City venues such as CBGB, Mercury Lounge, and the Bitter End. Now, Fulco writes about music in Riff Raf, a blog featuring great narrative pieces on a variety of topics (including the brilliant "Writers and Music," a series of discussions with authors about the music that moves and influences them), interviews, and retrospectives, to name just a few highlights. This is the blog for any true music buff.


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Introducing the Advanced Tune-Up Services

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new Advanced Tune-Up Services. There are two Advanced Tune-Ups, the Design Consultation and the SEO Service. We've had a great response to our basic Tune-Up Service from customers, but many of you mentioned that you would be interested in getting additional help with optimzing your blog designs and with SEO. In response to this feedback, we created these two new services.

Both the Design Consultation and the SEO Service build on the work that was done during the basic Blog Tune-Up, and we recommend either of these Advanced Tune-Ups for customers who have already done a Tune-Up Service or who have implemented the recommendations of the Tune-Up on their own. Not sure if an Advanced Tune-Up is right for you? Contact us and we'll give your blog a quick review and let you know.

We're very excited about the Design Consultation and the SEO Service and we think you will be too. Learn more then sign up today!

Weekend Project: Automatically add a custom signature to each post

Important update: We've added a built-in Signature Module, which will allow you to add content to the end of each blog post automatically. 

Note: This project uses the Custom CSS feature, which is available to subscribers on the Pro Unlimited plan and above.

Today's project is all about adding a personal touch to each of your posts - without having to do any extra work. We're going to show you how to use the Custom CSS feature to automatically place a custom signature to the end of each post. You can use a scan of your actual signature or an image created with an image editing program.

Here's an example of how your posts will look when we're done.

custom signature
First, you'll need an image. It should be reasonably sized - not too large, since it's just a little personal touch, not a full-on design element. It can just be your name, a small icon or logo, or a little greeting. Either way, it should be personal and unique to your blog.

Save the image as a PNG, GIF or JPG and upload the file in Library > File Manager. Click the name of the file to open it in your browser. Leave that open - we'll need the URL for the image shortly.

The image will basically just be the background for each post, aligned to the bottom. First, we need to create some space for the image. In Blogs > Design > Custom CSS, add the following:

.entry-content {
padding-bottom: 75px;

You'll need to adjust the padding to accomodate your image, plus a bit of space for padding. So if your image is 70 pixels tall, you could make the space 90 pixels to accommodate it.

Now, we'll add in the code for the image, like this:

.entry-content {
padding-bottom: 75px;
background: transparent url( bottom left no-repeat;

That places the image at the bottom of the post, aligned to the left. You can also align it to the center or to the right.

Finally, you may wish to add some space right below your image and above the post footer, like this:

.entry-content {
padding-bottom: 75px;
background: transparent url( bottom left no-repeat;
margin-bottom: 10px;

That's it! When you view your blog, you should see your special image at the end of each post.

Have a great weekend and happy blogging!

Featured Blog: Expressive Art Inspirations

NAME: Shelley Klammer
BLOG: Expressive Art Inspirations
WHY WE THINK EXPRESSIVE ART INSPIRATIONS ROCKS: When a blog wins the Canadian Weblog awards, is linked to by Psychology Today and Psych Central and is considered one of the top 50 art therapy blogs in the world, you know you've found something really special. Expressive Art Inspirations is a deep, honest and penetrating look into art therapy and the truths of life and art, offering compelling, vibrant content that is bound to make it your new favorite art blog.



Looking for some hang time with TypePad folks? Come visit us in the forum!


Have you ever wanted to know where other TypePad bloggers are hanging out? Curious about where the TypePad Team spends our spare time? We're all right here in the TypePad forum, asking and answering questions, throwing out great ideas, and participating in discussions about how to make the most of TypePad.

Why not stop by for some hang time? As a TypePad blogger, you have some unique skills, and the forum needs your opinions, tips, and recommendations. Start a conversation, ask a question, or join a discussion already in progress!

If you're looking for active conversations to participate in, we've got a couple of great ones for you, like this discussion about using your TypePad Dashboard, and this one, about getting started with sharing! We'd love to see you there - talking to your fellow bloggers about how they're using TypePad's awesome features can help you get creative with your own blog.

And that's not all! If the TypePad team spots you being particularly helpful in the forum, we’ll even make you an official TypePad Champ! We'll add a sweet badge to your avatar, but that's not all - you'll also receive some free service time and a Marc Johns t-shirt.

Being helpful could consist of answering someone’s question before the TypePad Team has a chance to, starting a topic to give people great ideas to use on their own blogs - or anything else that we consider spectacular.

We really do think of TypePad as a community, and we strive every day to make this a great place for all of our bloggers. The Get Satisfaction forum is a big part of that, and we'd love to hang out there with you too!

Ask Harriete

NAME: Harriete Estel Berman
BLOG: Ask Harriete
WHY WE THINK ASK HARRIETE ROCKS: Written by artist Harriete Estel Berman, Ask Harriete offers professional advice to the arts and crafts community with real life examples from her own personal experience. Harriete provides the tools, skills and advocacy for art as a profession, reaching out to artists and makers and providing inspiration and motivation to survive and thrive in their creative efforts.


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