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Customize Sharing To Facebook & Twitter


Last week we released the ability to customize how your posts are shared to Twitter and Facebook. When you check the box to Share This Post, a text field will open allowing you to enter whatever text you want to include with the link to your post. You can include hashtags and @ replies to other Twitter handles in your shared text as well.

If you haven't already, try out the new feature when composing your next post. You can add your Twitter &/or Facebook Profile at Account > Other Accounts.

We wanted to make you aware of one known issue with the new sharing feature. The Publish On setting to schedule a post to publish in the future does not allow for a custom note. The default sharing functionality of the post title followed by a link to the post will be used when sharing future posts. We're working on making this feature available for scheduled posts as well.

Being able to customize the shared content is a feature you requested, and we're excited to bring it to you! We have other new features currently in development that we're looking forward to sharing with you.


Kiril Kundurazieff

This was a freakin' Godsend!!

Especially the Twitter.

Thank you! Even my Cats, and fellow bloggers, want to give you a Lap Cat in appreciation! :-D


I've already tried this feature for FB and really love it! Thank you!!!


Looking forward to the scheduled ability as 99% of my posts are scheduled

Frank Weber

Über die angesagte erfreuliche Entwicklung bin ich sehr gespannt.


Just discovered this, sounds good.

Alexandria, Professional Bagpiper AFM Local 349

Thank you so much! This is a great feature and thanks for all you guys do.


This is such a great feature! Thanks a million! Looking forward to using this on scheduled posts as well.

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