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Add A Welcome Message To Your Blog

Adding a welcome message to your blog is a great way to let new readers know the purpose of your site or just a little about you. With Typepad you can easily add and edit a welcome message on your blog by featuring a post, designating a front page, or adding a sidebar module.

Feature A Post

For a short welcome message, a post can be designated as featured on your blog. The featured post will "stick" to the top of the main content column with the other recent posts appearing below it. Featuring post is optimal for adding a short welcome message or to highlight an important post.

To feature a post, check the Feature This Post box when composing your post. Only published posts can be featured. You can unfeature a post by marking a new post as featured to replace it or unchecking the Feature This Post box. (more info)

Feature Post

Create A Page

A Page is a great way to welcome visitors to your blog with a longer message. You can also utilize pages to give your blog static web pages in addition to adding new content with posts.

First, you can create a page by opening the Compose button drop-down menu and selecting New Page. A page is created and published similar to a post. (more info)

After you publish the page, you can designate it as the front page of your blog. Go to Settings > Posts, select Display a "page" as the front page, choose a published page from the drop-down menu, and click Save Changes. (more info)

The Page will now be the first thing people see when visiting your site. The recent posts will be available in the blog index. The exact URL for the blog index will appear at Settings > Posts once a front page is set. To make sure your readers can still view your recent posts, add a link to the blog index - i.e. - in the Navigation Bar or add the Recent Posts module to the sidebar at Design > Content.

Add Sidebar Module

The Embed Your Own HTML module can be used to add text and HTML to the sidebar. For a short welcome message that doesn't replace the recent posts, a sidebar module is a good option.

At Design > Content, select the Embed Your Own HTML module, click the Add This Module button, enter your text or HTML in the box, click OK, and click Save Changes.

You may want to add a bit of HTML to the text in order to apply the same formatting as other sidebar modules. For example:

<h2 class="module-header">Welcome!</h2>
<p>Thanks for visiting my blog. Please <a href="">email me</a> any questions.</p>

To include an option to contact you in your welcome message, see the articles on linking to an email address and adding a contact form.


Account Deleted

Welcome to my blog "Deeper Thinker." I hope to attract people who ask questions about everything..wanting proof of answers that are logical and reasonable. I am a Souherner from Richmond, VA. I have been involved with people who probe deeply into ultra-modern thoughts that have not spread very far but are supported by credentialed scientists and specialists. My blog might not be interesting to many, but, if it goes along as I hope, it might be interesting to a few folks who have open minds that will consider any thought that might make it to here. Try it out!

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