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Attention Internet Explorer Users Unable To Insert Images And Files!

UPDATE: We are working on resolving the issue with Internet Explorer and the Aviary editor. We believe we're on the right track and will have a solution soon.

In the meantime, we have rolled Aviary back so that it is only enabled for Beta accounts again. We hope this helps relieve the unexpected frustrations that arose for Internet Explorer users.

If you still have issues uploading images in Internet Explorer, and are a Beta user, you can update the Get Satisfaction thread with your findings to help us continue to troublehsoot or temporarily remove yourself from the Beta team until we've fixed the behavior. To remove yourself from Beta, go to Account, uncheck the Beta option, and save your changes.

We apologize and appreciate your continued patience while we are working on a fix for this issue. You can follow the Get Satisfaction thread to stay up to date on issues.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your preferred browser, you may need to clear your browser's cookies and cache to make sure you are not working in compatibility mode. While previously compatibility mode in Internet Explorer was required, the release of the new image editing tools removed the requirement of compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.

A majority of Typepad bloggers have the new image editing tools. If you are not experiencing any problems uploading images and other files, you may not need to clear your browser cookies yet.

To clear cookies in Internet Explorer:

1. In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

2. Click to the General tab if not already selected.


Internet Options


3. Under Browsing History, click the Delete.

4. Check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.


Delete Browsing History


5. Click Delete to start the process of removing the cookies and cached files. You will see a pop-up message in your browser when the process is finished.

6. Click OK to close the window.

Clearing the cookies and cache in Internet Explorer will resolve any issues you are having uploading files to your account or rearranging sidebar content on your blog. You only have to clear your browser's cookies and cache once.

We do recommend using Firefox as your browser for best results when using Typepad, but you can choose Internet Explorer or any of the supported browsers on the list in the Knowledge Base to edit your blog.



Clearing the cookies and cache in Internet Explorer will resolve any issues you are having uploading ed hardy zwembroekfiles to your account or rearranging sidebar content on your blog. You only have to clear your browser's cookies and cache once.

Wanda G



This has been so frustrating. Internet Explorer is a popular program. Your update should have been tested in that before the release. For me, the only thing that worked was to download Firefox and do my blogging in that, then go back to Internet Explorer where all my bookmarks and history are located. I know that's the route other bloggers have had to take. Typepad owes us an apology.

Werner Patels

Honestly, who still uses IE, the worst browser out there? Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari -- all of them are better, and faster, than IE.

Account Deleted

After following your instructions I still can't use IE to upload photos. Any other ideas?!


This SUCKS!!!

Account Deleted

Sorry you guys are having trouble. I lost posting ability--and paid work because their install of this underwhelming, I did-not-ask-for-this, redundant photo editing software. Gone was work that I spent a day and a half writing because of whatever they were doing 'under the hood'. There's was no help from TypePad for me and others until the next day because they were 'sleeping.' So I feel your pain with the growing awareness that this is not the TypePad we knew and loved. That said, please do not expect TypePad to be actively developing software to be compatible with Internet Explorer. That ship has sailed. Sorry 'bout that.

Thomas V. Lerczak

Typepad could benefit from following a time-tested rule: If it's not broken, don't fix it. Why did they mess with their setup to make IE not work!?? Pointless. As a customer, I am evaluating my options.

Account Deleted

This is so frustrating not being able to upload photo's. I have not been a Typepad member for that long and I was recommended to go with them but what a mistake that has been.
As I photographer my blog is about having the ability to quickly and easily add my pictures as and when but now having done as they have suggested, by clearing cookies etc, I find that this doesn't work and that is not good.
I happen to have Internet Explorer and don't feel the need to change to Firefox or anything else.
Perhaps its time to change my blog!


I brought this issue to the attention of TYPEPAD months ago while using the BETA VERSION, at that time I had to discontinue using BETA because IE would not work properly. They told me that they were looking into the issue and would have a resolve. That was last January. Now, the BETA that I pointed out did not work properly, not only was never corrected for IE users, but forced down our throats without notification. My latest response from TYPEPAD is "use FIREFOX".

I have been on TYPEPAD for over 5 years, and in the past when there was an issue, they responded and made the necessary repairs on a timely basis. I would love to give TYPEPAD the benefit of the doubt on this one, but the fact remains that they have known this issue existed for more than four months and not only was it apparently not addressed, they simply ignored it and here we all are..... being told to switch browsers.

I have no issue with FIREFOX, and will not debate which browser is best, but what I will say is that everything I need to post is on IE9, I have used IE for the last 5 years, and TYPEPAD is sold to the public as IE compatible.


Account Deleted

Do you guys actually beta test? This doesn't work even with cookies and browsing history cleared. It seriously makes me wonder what caliber of technical team you have to make such a ridiculous post for a 'fix' that does nothing. How about getting rid of your image editing add-on? I have Photoshop for that, thank you very much. This has been going on for months and I'm now looking at Ning and Facebook as complete replacements. What a pity.

Judy Kubota

I tried your stupid suggestion. I did not work! I have been a typepad user for a long time and have never been so frustrated.
I am thinking seriously of using a different blog/web service. My business depends on upload pictures and when I cannot do that I am out of business. REALLY, REALLY MAD.

A Twitter User

For the longest time I had been reluctant to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 due to this incompatibility issue. I was unable to upload pictures, videos and files to my blog. It was frustrating indeed. I discovered that updating to Google Chrome has enabled me to now upload anything I want to my blog. I do not fully trust the short term, technical patches offered to correct this oversight. I have been a long time Type Pad user and am also disappointed with this software inconsistency. I give a two thumbs down to Internet Explorer.

A Twitter User

Hi Suzanne. I had the same issues that you are experiencing. Forget about Internet Explorer. Switch over to Google Chrome. Easier to use. I discovered that the upgrade to IE Version 9 is NOT that compatible with Type Pad --- That is why I switched over to Google Chrome. Hope this helps. You could also switch back to IE 8 and see if that older version will work for you.Good luck.

A Twitter User

Hi Wanda. Try using version IE 8. The version 9 is incompatible with Type Pad. I reluctantly switched over to Google Chrome and do not regret it. Good luck!

Lisa Swifka

Why on earth is there a debate over browsers when Typepad should be user friendly to all? I've had my Typepad blog for 4 years all the time on Internet Explorer without issue until NOW. This cache/cookie clearing nonsense and changing compatability mode is like saying "take an aspirin and call me in the morning" when someone is ailing. Why should we be jumping through hoops to get a diagnosis that is clearly on your end? I agree, we didn't need that image editing tool.....it seems to me most bloggers do that BEFORE even uploading an image. I just don't get it.


While I have my reasons for sticking with IE that I'd love to get into, I agree with Lisa that which browser we use should not be the issue. This is the responsibility of Typepad to fix, and I am extremely disappointed with them - not only for not fixing the problem, but also for not responding to comments of frustration for two whole days. Blogging is not necessarily happen during banking hours...isn't there anyone around to acknowledge that people are frustrated?

Lisa Swifka

Go to help and look mid page for the "loading problems" link, there are more (including myself) who have voiced their issues there as well. The same responses from Typepad are there - browser change/cache/cookies rhetoric.


Adding my voice to the Extremely Frustrated Chorus, here: I have NEVER been able to use IE effectively with TypePad (constantly wigs out, loses data, etc.), and now, Firefox, my go-to, also won't upload photos. Tried clearing cookies, cache, etc., to no avail. And of course, no solutions to for Firefox, as it's "not recommended" -- despite being the only browser that has proven stable and reliable these past three years.

Beyond maddening. So, so frustrated.


Follow-Up to my Fellow Frustrated Users: As suggested by others, above, I installed Google Chrome, and am now able (for now) to upload images. This should not have been remotely necessary. But if you need a quick fix...


IE is a dinosaur, it's problematic under almost any circumstance and there's no reason to be using it when we have superior options at our disposal. Just switch.


The fix recommended here did not work for me either, and the easiest solution for me was to switch to Chrome. Switching browsers is not at all difficult, and as some have noted, almost any option is superior to IE - but I don't think it's something people should be forced to do. Also a little surprised that this is only being addressed here in the past few days, as I filed a help ticket probably a couple of weeks ago - whenever the 'upgrade' took place.

Account Deleted

Taking one-half-step back on my complete dismissal of IE. Some people have no choice about their browser. My spouse works at a huge American co. who, I learned years ago to great surprise, hangs onto Internet Explorer--the oldest version--as long as they can. Then they grudgingly move up to the next version when they must. I don't get it but it does give insight. It doesn't have to make sense--very much like putting a silly 'photo editing' package inside the TypePad photo editor. At most (for me) it could be handy if I need to trim an image more than I did in my real photo editor.
I just want a way to leave Typepad without losing 9 years worth of (formatting and) images. As soon as I can get an iron-clad way to migrate elsewhere (WordPress.org)--I'm gone.

Jil McIntosh

It doesn't work for me, either. I have to go into Firefox if I want to put photos on my blog. Very annoying.

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