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Featured Blog: A Dose of the Delightful

NAME: Natalie
BLOG: A Dose of the Delightful
WHY WE THINK A DOSE OF THE DELIGHTFUL ROCKS: A Dose of the Delightful was created after blogger Natalie rekindled her love of her favorite hobbies following a time of grief. Since then, it has grown and expanded to encompass not only her love of d├ęcor and domestic projects, but also things like gorgeous illustration, design, pretty packaging, and lovely clothing, all wrapped up in a design that is as gorgeous as it is fresh.


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Werner Patels

It would have been nice if you had included an actual hyperlink to the site ...


Fixed! Thanks for pointing out the missing link.

Werner Patels

Don't mention it ...

Lori Culwell

Can you let us know who did this design?

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