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Featured Blog: Cranky Pressman

NAME: Keith Berger
BLOG: Cranky Pressman
WHY WE THINK CRANKY PRESSMAN ROCKS: Cranky Pressman is an online letterpress service run by The Graphic Touch Letterpress Company, a commercial printer based in Salem, Ohio. Keith Berger has owned and run the business since 1984, after taking over from its original owners, who founded the shop in 1934. Today, Cranky Pressman houses information and news for the company, including a lovely (if infrequent) blog, information about their papers and inks, and a rather excellent Letterpress Trade School, with plenty of tips for the budding Pressman.


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Cranky Pressman

Thanks for the post. We appreciate you noticing and the attention. Yes, the official blog part of our site is a tad neglected at times. It's just so hard for old folks to find the time to do real posts with all the tweeting, pinning and other things one must 'post' these days. Actually though, we have been thinking a lot recently about what we could do with the blog and have some interesting ideas. I guess that is the first step towards doing! Thanks again.

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