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NAME: Rachel Halvorson
BLOG: Nest Egg
WHY WE THINK NEST EGG ROCKS: Blogger Rachel Halvorson is an interior designer in Nashville, Tennessee, who expresses her artistic vision daily via Nest Egg, sharing pretty, practical ideas for your home. She brings a unique design perspective, beauty within budget, and provides inspiration and entertainment to spare!


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Account Deleted

Hi Gals & Guys. Brand new to TypePad. So anybody out there wanna be my "MENTOR"??
I'm a very nice gent.... gentle gent.... genial gent... Greatly grateful to any body that's gonna help me...

Neshecia Johnson

My first time here and the first thing I see is "nest egg" something I have not heard in ten years , to be honest I do not know how I got here.

Whitney Black

Designer blogs like this are always really fun...I love them. :) http://whitsblog.com

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