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NAME: Amy Thompson
BLOG: Progressive Pioneer
WHY WE THINK PROGRESSIVE PIONEER ROCKS: If you're looking for a blog that covers sustainable living, urban homesteading, attachment parenting and healthy eating, all wrapped up in a fantastic design, then look no further than Amy Thompson's Progressive Pioneer. With daily posts on everything from recipes, to sewing, to interviews and giveaways, this is one well-rounded resource!


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PLAN22 Archibrarians

I think this is a beautifully designed piece of work.
One, question, what theme are you using so that you can put your tabs under your banner like that? it's brilliant! Thanks. P22

I think this blog was done using CSS and by a web designer with Pro Unlimited. I think its too busy too much going on...


The Typepad Team

Hi there! The Progressive Pioneer blog is using our Theme Builder, with images in the Navigation Bar. We actually have a guide on how to do this here:


The Navigation Bar can be enabled at Design > Content. Good luck and let us know if you need help with this!

PLAN22 Archibrarians

Thank you for the quick response (as always), I figured it out myself and it only took my 8 hours (arhggg!).

In the end I changed themes and did not use the graphics but at least I know how to do it now and it helps me understand other code in the design!

I really appreciate your willingness to support my efforts to learn, I'd be no where without this site.

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